6 favorite dishes of the best athletes on the planet

To stay in shape and be where they are today, they have to constantly train and follow a strict diet. The best athletes in the world count every calorie, but like all people, they sometimes like to treat themselves to delicious food. Today, together with Telecomasia.net, we will tell you about the favorite dishes of Cristiano Ronaldo, LeBron James and other sports celebrities.

Cod with potatoes and onions. Cristiano Ronaldo

Треска, запеченная с картофелем - пошаговый рецепт с фото на Повар.ру

One of the best footballers in the world grew up on the island of Madeira, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Perhaps his love for fish dishes is from childhood.

The recipes for this dish differ significantly in different regions, but we will focus on the classic version. For it you will need:

  • Grease the bottom and sides of the baking dish with olive oil, and then evenly spread thinly sliced ​​onion rings along the bottom 
  • Put small pieces of cod fillet on the onion, sprinkled with a mixture of salt and dry herbs
  • Put potatoes cut into thin slices on the fish
  • Beat eggs with cream and salt
  • Pour the mixture into the dish, put it in the preheated oven and bake until the potatoes have browned on top

Lasagna. LeBron James

Лазанья классическая с мясом - кулинарный пошаговый рецепт с фото •  INMYROOM FOOD

Everyone knows about LeBron’s passion for tacos as he even launched his flash mob on social networks Taco Tuesday. However, not everyone knows that another favorite dish of the King is Italian lasagna.

There are hundreds of recipes for this dish, but the basketball player settles on the classic, meat lasagne. You can find so many variations of its preparation on the net that we will not dwell on any of them. You can choose the one that suits you, but be careful. Meat lasagna is a very high-calorie dish, so if you are not training as hard as James, you should not eat too much of it.

Venison steak. Ole Einar Bjørndalen

Стейки из оленины - The-Challenger.ru

Ole Einar Bjørndalen is the most titled athlete in biathlon history. His strict regimen allowed him to compete at the highest level until the age of 44 when he decided to end his career. Who knows, maybe his favorite venison steak was his secret to success.

For steaks, we recommend using wild deer meat on the bone, grate it with spices and marinate it for an hour in vegetable oil, white wine, mustard, garlic and vinegar. Don’t overdo it with vinegar: only half a teaspoon of vinegar is used for a glass of oil and half a glass of wine. After marinating, place the meat on the grill and grill to the desired level.

Sandwich with green cheese and tuna. Conor McGregor

Сэндвич с зелёным сыром и тунцом - The-Challenger.ru

The main troublemaker in the world of mixed martial arts is reportedly very fond of sandwiches. And cheese. And most of all, cheese sandwiches.

  • Put the tuna together with the juice in a bowl and mash with your hands or a fork. Sprinkle with pink Mauritian pepper (it’s as aromatic as black but less hot), add the capers and stir. Add the grated green cheese and stir again.
  • Preheat a pan over medium heat and lightly dry the bread on both sides. Then grease all the pieces on one side with butter, lay out the tuna-cheese mixture, combine half of the sandwiches and send back to the pan. There, they have to spend a couple of minutes under the lid for the cheese to melt and absorb the fish mass.
  • Cut the finished sandwiches diagonally and garnish with cucumber circles.

Potato dumplings. Evgeni Malkin

Вареники с картофелем на пару рецепт с фото пошагово

The Pittsburgh Penguins center has been playing in the NHL for over 10 years, but every time a hockey player comes to Russia, he eats his favorite dumplings with pleasure.

If Evgeni Malkin comes to visit you one day, here is a recipe for dumplings with potatoes:

  • Boil the potatoes and mash them so that small lumps remain.
  • Let the potatoes cool and mix them with butter and sautéed onions. Pepper, salt and mix everything well.
  • Roll out the dough with a rolling pin to a thickness of one millimeter and cut circles out of it with a culinary ring with a diameter of 4.5 centimeters (or with an ordinary glass). Place a teaspoon of filling on each, fold in half and pinch the edges in a pigtail
  • Pour water into a saucepan, add salt, bay leaf, crushed garlic cloves, black peppercorns and whole dill sprigs. When the water boils, dip the dumplings in a saucepan and cook for 5-6 minutes

Chicken wings. Usain Bolt

Куриные крылышки, запеченные в лимонном сиропе рецепт – закуски. «Еда»

Eight-time Olympic champion Usain Bolt is a big fan of fast food. At the London Olympics, after his victorious race, the athlete admitted that shortly before the start he ate chicken nuggets and, in general, often indulges himself with trips to McDonald’s. But fried wings are something he is ready to eat every day.

But remember: If you want to eat wings every day like a Jamaican athlete, you’ll have to run just as much to stay in shape.

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