10 MMA Podcasts you need to listen to – Part Two

Here’s part two of my look at the top ten podcasts that you absolutely, positively need in your life. As with part one those I’ve stacked up below are in no particular order but trust me, they are definitely worth a regular listen.

Beat Down After the Bell
Usually hosted by TJ De Santis and Jordan Breen on rotation this is a valuable fight companion to listen to after the big fights have gone down. A major draw for this particular podcast is the fact it’s particularly timely in its release. As the name would suggest, literally minutes after the last horn has sounded and the fights have taken place you get this handy canter through what just took place.

A nice feature is that the hosts canvass opinions by telephone often with hilarious fan reactions to cards that have just taken place. The raw emotion of the callers together with the calming influence of each host makes for an entertaining couple of hours informing your own post fight analysis.

MMA Roasted
Hosted by comedian Adam Hunter this podcast is a real showcase of Hunter’s wit, charm, love life and sense of comic timing. I have to admit to finding his Twitter account somewhat of a let down and devoid of the humour that he really lets shine here.

Joining him on a regular basis is Bubba Jenkins and comedian Greg Wilson, the latter I have to admit grates especially hard given the lack of comedy he brings to the table and an annoying laugh and irritating interruptions that is a tad unbearable if you happen to be listening to the podcast in the early hours of the morning.

Due to Hunter’s popularity within the MMA community he often has a stellar line up in terms of guests. Regulars include Hector Lombard who himself brings a comedic sense of timing to the proceedings.

The MMA Beat
All of your favourite MMA experts are here front and centre my personal favourite, Ariel Helwani, leads the pack along with pundits Jeff Wagenheim, Mike Chiapetta, Luke Thomas, Chuck Mindenhall and occasionally New York Rick.

It’s a seamless blend of opinions and the beauty here is the contrasting viewpoints on show also the articulate way in which they are presented in an unbiased manner.

The MMA Road Show
One of the latest Podcasts to join the fold and arguably one of my favourites from MMA Junkie’s John Morgan. Its a canter through the hot topics of the minute. My favourite feature of Morgan’s delightfully produced audio magic are the recording locations and the abundance of adult beverages that seemingly have no effect on Morgan and his co-host Cold Coffee who down multiple frosty big ones throughout each episode.

You’re Welcome
Hosted by the verbose, talented and very funny Chael Sonnen this podcast is slickly produced, well thought out and features a wealth of top draw names to boot.

Sonnen’s weekly audio fix is a no holds barred look at the topical issues featuring eaqually talented guests. One of my favourite features of this regular look at MMA is the fact that Sonnen makes no bones about the fact that he finds some of his guests exasperating.

His take is refreshing, honest and above all very entertaining above all it’s presented in his inimitable style which he’s taken from the pundits chairs he has frequented through various television gigs since leaving the UFC.

I have of course left out the regular dose of audio goodness known as the #WHOACAST hosted by our very own Bryan Lacey and which you can download weekly via iTunes and Audioboom because that could be construed as a thinly veiled narcissistic attempt at self promotion…did I mention we are on iTunes!? Anyway let me know your thoughts or if you want to get all huffy puffy and bright with me about ones I’ve missed hit me up on Twitter.

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