Why McGuigan may have cost Haye his Career

It seems in the sport of boxing there is always something or someone to blame – David Haye may have the most recognizable “excuse” of them all when he famously showed his broken toe to the media after a decision loss to the then dominant force Wladmir Klitschko.

On the night of the 4th March the Haymaker looked for no excuse (despite having an obvious one). Going into round 6 David Haye was comfortably winning 4 rounds to 1 and despite throwing heavy punches in all of those rounds he showed no obvious signs of fatigue.

In a round in which, again, David seemed to be winning, he took a simple step back and his leg went missing, he took another step and realised his right leg (his punching leg) had deserted him all together and he retreated to the ropes. With a true warrior mind set he then stood in the middle of the ring and did what people do on Fifa when losing 3 – 0 “ALL OUT ATTACK” without defence trying to win no matter what it cost his health.

In this round David Haye fell to the ground 3 times none of which were due to punches, he was simply fighting on one leg. Paulie Malignaggi had recognised this during the round and stated “I don’t think he will be able to continue” while others focused on the heroics of Bellew (all of which are due).

At some point trainer Shane Mcguigan must had recognized the injury and thought given the age of his fighter it would be better to stop the fight early (get boo’d) and prolong the career of David Haye. Imagine if the fight had been stopped straight after round 6…The fight would of been in exact same position as Froch-Groves 1, the whole of Britain would of been asking “what if?” Easy answer, let’s make the rematch and millions of pounds while doing it.

Okay, he gave his fighter a chance, that can be forgiven. What I found somewhat surprising is while David Haye is again doing himself proud in his post fight interview and refusing to talk about the injury giving all credit to Tony Bellew, why is his head trainer not demanding the microphone and clarifying to the world that David was comfortably winning the fight before the injury, all the replays show the injury was a freak accident and was not a result of Bellew hurting Haye and the fight instantly change after the injury. This would again leave Britain asking each other “well what if he didn’t get injured?I want to see it run again!”.

When you are the trainer of a fighter it is your sole responsibility to do what is best for your him. Whether that is stopping the fight to prevent injury or telling the public the truth to save public embarrassment. Perhaps Shane should watch a tape of Kell Brooks trainer Dominic Ingle for inspiration; Against Gennady Golovkin Dominic had thrown in the towel while Kell was still on his feet and was happy to take all the post fight boo’s.

Instead, David Haye has been left with multiple and somewhat embarrassing knockdowns by a self admitted Cruiser weight, further injuries that should of been prevented and has had all of his momentum building a superfight with Anthony Joshua squashed, along with his world ranking.

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