Who else could run the UFC?

MMA has become one of the fastest-growing sports in the world. The world wide leader, the UFC, has arguably one of the most controversial yet charismatic and bold leaders of the sport today. At 50 Dana White has a long run ahead of him but who could possibly take the reigns should he decide to call it a day.

With top tier talents, countless PPV events, and the appetite for more, the company effort has made mixed martial arts relevant among American sports. The fighters themselves have also benefited from this popularity. Names like Jon Jones, Anderson Silva, and George St-Pierre have become household names even in the most casual combat fans’ homes. However, based on their will to succeed, sheer knowledge of the universal appeal to make it happen, can the UFCs top fighters provide candidates that could lead the organisation.

Here is a list of how they would stack up;

Brock Lesner

Coming over from the WWE to become a UFC champion heavyweight champion. I’m relatively confident Broke Lesner can manage the presidential campaign.

Rampage Jackson

Jacksons one of the most known athletes in the globe and is rarely intimidated. He has an avalanche of followers all over the nation that would prove helpful to his campaign. He has already featured on the big screen like former president Ronald Reagan. Statistically, his soldiers and fans on the streets would surely vote for him.

Frankie Edgar

Frankie earned a political science degree from Clarion University and come from the politically packed state of New Jersey. He may be the most qualified candidate to replace the current resident. His educational background and his current status as the UFC lightweight champion would be an added advantage. He for sure wouldn’t want to retire, but I think he can manage the presidency.

Carlos Condit

His political history makes his presidential relevance accurate. His father was the chief of staff for former New Mexico governor and presidential candidate Bill Richardson. Condit’s politically prestigious family may give him the ability to open doors to politics that others can’t.

BJ Penn

BJ is almost similar to Barrack Obama. Not only are they both from Hawaii, but Penn and Obama are also good and what they do. Penn’s resume is one of the most impressive ones in the sporting industry, and his hometown locals love him. Penn might have to winning ticket for the presidency of the UFC.

Kenny Florian

Ever since Florian joined UFC back in 2005, he has commanded respect and love from the fans and his peers. He is by far the most famous fighter in the world. This has mainly been attributed to his reserved personality, love for the sport, and humility. He is professional above all else and never quits making him able to take whatever dirty politics you throw at him.


Politics is a dirty game, but every game has its players no matter how messy. The UFC will need a new president after Dana White just who could replace him.

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