Untrue Geordie…

As views, subscribers and followers on the usual social media channels have quite literally become currency in the world of combat sports, conversely, the imminent death of mma expertise is upon us.

Let me explain. 

Logan Paul’s circa 23m subscribers catapulted him into an exhibition bout with the best technical boxer of his era; this can be explained away by supply and demand. At the same time, however, popular mainstream vloggers began to inhibit a combat sport analysis space, of which, they have no prior experience or understanding. Indeed, casuals now perceive youtube stars and vloggers as authorities on combat sports by virtue of their popularity. The mma audit seeks to redress this prevailing misconception.

On this, the first episode of mma audit, we present to you exhibit A

True Geordie insinuates that Colby Covington and Kamaru Usman are the two greatest welterweights in UFC history, noting Georges ‘Rush’ St. Pierre only as an honourable mention.

The mma audit, seeks to refute True Geordie’s half-baked and ill-thought through claim and prove beyond reasonable doubt, that the rightful owner of the title – greatest welterweight of all time -Georges ‘Rush’ St. Pierre.

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