Top 5 Matchups Bellator vs UFC

The question of possible match-ups you can expect from Bellator and UFC if the two were to co promote is currently doing the rounds. Here are a few interesting possibilities.

Michael Chandler vs Justin Gaethje

Currently exploring free agency Chandler is one of the most active Bellator lightweight . The possible opponent against is Justin Gaethje, who Michael is ready to place enormous pressure against. The funny thing about Justin is that he is more of brutal power rather than using tactics. Being a lightweight athlete, his tendency to brawl places Chandler at a better winning position. The simple reason is that Michael has improved his tactical skills by using less power and more technique. This match-up would be incredible, you could stake your bet on bookies such as Baccarat Program Free 2020, who will keep you updated if this clash ever occured.

Stephen Thompson Vs. Michael Venom Page

With an MMA event where Bellator and UFC are arranging a fight, people would welcome a very spirited and stylistic fight between MVP and Thompson. For the sole reason, MVP would be out to try to prove a point to Thompson as he is the ‘Karate kid’ of mixed martial arts. Taking a look at the background of Wonder Boy, he holds 37 undefeated amateur fights to top up 57 professional kickboxing fights. Equally, Venom is recognised as the unorthodox fighter, at the age of 3, had begun training martial arts. Also, he made his first debut entry to international tournaments at age 8. 

Colby Covington Vs. Rory Macdonald

One of the most exciting matchups in MMA could be between Colby and Rory. Covington, he is regarded as one of the most disrespectful fighters. He has a habit of pissing off opponents. On the contrary, Rory portrays immense respect to his opponents and exhibits excellent tolerance to gimmicks during fights. Therefore, with both having affiliation to different promotions, combat between them is likely possible. It makes sense for co-promoting the battle.

Mark Hunt Vs Fedor Emelianenko

What a historic fight that the promoters UFC and Bellator can by ensuring the legends find their way to the cage together. You can expect the most epic crossover when the Super Samoan faces the legend Fedor. They aren’t in their prime of their careers, but you can expect some remarkable combat experience.  

The above cross over fights are ones that would excite. For you to have a gist of every MMA sporting event, check various bookies, including Baccarat program free 2020, and have enhanced opportunity event to place a stake.

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