Tomasz Narkun eyes a December showdown with Wagner Prado

Recently I travelled to Szczecin to experience another city in Poland having enjoyed KSW 39 in Warsaw and KSW 43 in Wroclaw. I reached out to the Berserker’s gym in Szczecin and KSW International Communications officer Alan Murphy who facilitated an interview in the gym with Karol Bedorf. Tomasz Narkun was not in the city at the time but kindly agreed to do a short interview by email.

Narkun(15-2) ended the 8 year and 14 fight win streak of MMA legend Mamed Khalidov in emphatic fashion but submitting him with a fantastic triangle choke at KSW 42 in March. Narkun is the reigning KSW Light Heavyweight champion, defending the title at the landmark KSW 39: Colosseum in front of 57,776 fans at the national stadium in Warsaw in his previous outing. KSW 45 is being held in London October 6th, the venue that Narkun first won his KSW title 3 years ago.

BT: What is the favourite moment of your career to date?
TN: ”Every single victory in my career gives me great satisfaction. I was very happy when I won the M1 Selection tournament, EUMMA belt , then the KSW belt and my win over Wojcik and at KSW Colosseum . However my win over Mamed Khalidov was the greatest moment of my career to date.”
BT: Wagner Prado, who defeated Irishman Chris Fields in his KSW debut recently took to social media to call you out, how likely is it you will fight him at KSW London?
TN: ”Yes I saw it… I’m sure I will not fight at KSW London but for sure I will fight at KSW in December so maybe we’ll fight then. I do not mind.”
BT What inspired you to first enter the world of MMA? in Who are your major influences for your fight style?
TN: “I always loved sports competition. I trained BJJ then amateur MMA and I started to watch Pride. There was the amazing Fedor Emelianenko who made a great impression on me so I decided to be like him.”
BT: Who is your favourite fighter past or present and why?
TN: “Like I said before Fedor Emelianenko was an inspiration for me. His fights were very magnificent. Today Fedor isn’t the same fighter but still he has the heart to fight and win! He is a real warrior!”
BT: You are a BJJ blackbelt from a notorious BJJ/MMA gym the Berserkers Team in Szczecin, what is your favourite submission?
TN: “Yes, I’m a BJJ black belt. Now Of course triangle choking becouse I won my last two fights by that submission! Versus Wojck and then Khalidov.”
BT: How do you see your career unfolding in the next few years? What are your ambitions?
TN: “I want to be still the champion of KSW and I want to fight and win against best fighters as possible.”
BT: What do you do to unwind outside of training and fighting?
TN: “Spend time with family and friends is always good for me it allows me to forget about training and the gym. Also love to travel so after fighting I go to some nice place to rest.”
BT: How would you like to be remembered when your career ends?
TN: “I do everything to be remembered as a legend”

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