Last night I met a homeless man who asked me for money in perfect english. I respected his english talking, it was 4am and my night was over… so I bought a bottle of vodka and sat with him.

I introduced myself as a Wudan master, Tateshinkai founder. He told me he was a dreamer who pushed life too far and ended up on the streets. I asked how…

He said he was a gambler. This is a plague close to my heart. I told him of my stints in central london losing 25k in a night.

The man told me an amazing story.. and I could tell every word was true.

He said that he never gambled untill the age of 33, when a casino gave him a promotional free bet. It was worth 20euros. (At this point he took a very large swing of vodka and passed me the bottle)

He said in one night he had turned that 20euros into over 120,000! He said his life changed overnight. He said that beautiful women kept coming up to him… like never before. He thought it was news of his win spreading.

At this point I interupted him and told him beautiful women always bring trouble. He nodded and took another large swig of vodka. As did I.

These women would drink with him all night and listen to his success story and urge him to go back to the casino as they love gambling! He would go, and lose, but they would stay with him for the night and he woke up happy.

It turns out these were prostitutes hired by the casino with the specific role of getting him back in the casino to gamble. Within 30 days he had lost all of his money, and the girls dissapeared.

He then lost his house and everything he owned gambling and trying to replicate his success.

By this point we had finished the vodka between us.

A little drunk I told him storys of my world travels, wars in the ring and terrible injurys. I told him of Monaco nightlife and fast cars, I told him of having knives put to my throat in Vietnam. We spoke for hours. He found my life as interesting as I found his.

He said: All men would love to be a warrior, like you. But only good men are brave, and good men are rare.

The night ended with me giving him 20 euros and told him to meet me at the same place tonight with 120,000! He smiled and agreed. I hope he doesnt go to the casino. Great guy.

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