Terry Brazier: ‘Stop crying like a b**ch and sign the contract’

One of the UK’s best domestic match ups could possibly be in doubt following BAMMA’s announcement that Terry Brazier will clash Alex Lohore earlier today. The announcement, accompanied by one of the slickest posters you will see this side of Europe elicited a curt response from Alex ‘Da Kid’ Lohore.

A swift response by Brazier followed by a longer more explanatory Facebook video gave his perspective on the fight and its legitimacy, also as a breakdown of his opinion of Lohore who he implored to ‘Stop crying like a b**ch and sign the contract.

Lohore, who recently wrecked the trajectory of Richard Kiely, the self styled ‘Face of BAMMA’, was widely tipped to face Brazier at some point, the match up was ineviatable given that both men are belt holders. Brazier has long been vocal of his intentions to secure the World title held by Lohore as he looks to trade up the European title he currently holds after his successful defeat of Walter Gahadza.

We’ll have more on this as and when news breaks

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