Shoulder Injury for Boxers: Prevention and Treatments

During long, high-intensity workouts, a boxer’s joint and muscles can be severely strained. Among many other sports, you need to use your hands, arms, and shoulders in boxing. Often repeated blows a boxer executes while training may result in shoulder problems affecting muscles, tendons, and ligaments. There are exercises recommended by therapists to restore any lost shoulder mobility and enhance shoulder strength. Physical therapy aims to strengthen the intact tendons to make up for the broken ones.

Anti-inflammatory drugs are the most typical treatment, but lately CBD oil has also been a popular choice. Experts of Hempire Direct focus on sustainability and offer the best quality, price, and customer loyalty. We will explore more in this text the prevention and treatment for shoulder injuries that are typical for boxers

An Injured Rotator Cuff

A tear of the rotator cuff occurs when the tendon detaches itself from the bone. Rotator cuff tendonitis tends to occur when the muscles of the rotator cuff are stretched, and partial tears happen in the tendons. This is most commonly caused by repetitive motion of the shoulder joint and contributes to discomfort, weakness, and decreased shoulder mobility. A slight tear or a partial tear means that a certain part of the tendon has been ripped off the bone while most of the tendon remains attached. Tears of the rotator cuff may occur over time or as a result of a sudden traumatic event. Such injuries appear to occur for boxers as a result of tiny micro-tears in the rotator cuff that continue to develop larger over time. If the shoulder does not have time to heal properly, the tears in the rotator cuff tendons cannot repair themselves which would weaken the entire shoulder.

Treatments and Prevention

The types of anti-inflammatory drugs that are mostly used to decrease pain in the shoulder and to reduce inflammation are Ibuprofen, and Naproxen. Moreover, it is believed that CBD oil is one of the strongest anti-inflammatory supplements on the market today as it helps the muscles to recover and become much stronger. CBD also allows people to sleep well at night, which is the best time to recover muscles.

A combination of physical therapy and non-surgical medical treatments may treat shoulder injuries for certain cases. In cases where shoulder surgery is recommended, advancements in arthroscopic surgical techniques have shortened the healing time significantly and will bring you back to work quicker than conventional procedures. Stretching of the shoulder can help in boxing to prevent shoulder injury. Muscles cross the right arm over the chest to extend the shoulder and rotator cuff, then keep in place with the left arm by bending the arm at the elbow. Common exercises require internal or external shoulder rotations using resistance bands. Adjustment of the activity and resting of the shoulder is recommended, preventing repeated activities of the shoulder and lifting heavy objects or other activities that cause pain.

Boxers often avoid seeking treatment for shoulder injuries, as this normally involves taking time off training. They endure the pain in anticipation that the injury will heal naturally. However, it only helps the progression of the injury. Injuries that should have been treated non-surgically will then require a corrective surgical procedure. So, be smart and bear in mind that prevention is better than cure.

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