Rollin’ with Burt Watson: Keep Rollin’ or get rolled over

People often ask “Burt where do you get that boundless energy from?” and “What is it that you do that allows you to pass that energy on to each fighter before they take that walk to the cage?” Let me give you a lil insight into the system, so you understand the why and how around the source of the energy.

Full retirement’s not an option – just for a minute about four months ago, the lights got dim and the James Brown, usually at full blast, got turned down. Now along came CFFC, or to give its full title Cage Fury Fighting Championship. I get rejuvenated by the challenges it poses, but also by the greatness of the potential that I forsee in the road ahead for CFFC and it’s Fighters. All of a sudden it’s time to turn up the lights, the music and keep the “Rolllinnn Yeah… All night long!”

The legacy continues and with ease so does the energy. Now it’s all about productivity to fuel that fire, teaching the system and initiating the process. Planting seeds for the future. It acts as a dynamo of sorts, the more productive, energized and dynamic that spark becomes until it shines so brightly it becomes self sustaining.

Joining CFFC as its newest member of the team, in a role that I know best (Fighter Relations and Operations), takes me onto the next chapter and the opportunity to help take a system to the next level. That energy, that was to be fair, just a spark is being channelled here with ferocity. You thought you had seen it all “ya stop rollilnnn ya get rolled over Baby”, hmmm… keep watching.

With all of this at the front of everything else, performance, production and persistent consistency is what the legacy of the past 14 years is all about. It’s what you don’t see going on behind the scenes that makes the man – amidst the pressure of a championship fight and five, five minute rounds. You have to have a game plan and you have to finish.

If you feel what you do and you’ve an idea of how to get it done, the energy level kicks in itself.
CFFC 50 on July 18th in Atlantic City Borgata is a milestone for the organization and the continuation of a dream and ambition of CEO Rob Haydak and President Mike Constantino. Projections for the regional promotion is that they will host at least six more fight cards for 2015 and possibly 15 cards for 2016.

The organization has cemented it’s presence by proving it’s a source, a hotbed of sorts, for new and upcoming talent. It has prepared at least seven fighters for the next leg of their journey, competing at the next and highest level. It’ll now be for me to give all that energy, all that confidence and the ultimate feeling of taking that walk. I’m able to give that energy because it is received unquestionably and reciprocated by each fighters performance. Getting the Fighters to trust the process, feel the fire and know what it is to hear me sound off “We Rolllinnn…Yeah! All night long!”

“This is what we do and why we do it ”

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