Rollin’ with Burt Watson: Just enough or too much

Over the past 15 years the sport of MMA has become one of the fastest growing in the world. Not competing with the growth and popularity of other major sports, it is a fact that as sport event, MMA has established itself as the number one growth spot on a national, and international level. It has also become a fact that the Ultimate Fighting Championship has become the number one promoter of that sport. It averages about 10 to 15 shows a year and contracts most of the sports top fighters and talent. Before the growth of the UFC, organizations such as Pride, WEC and Strikeforce gave the platform that MMA athletes had to display and compete on a high level.

Since that time, the growth of MMA the sport, the introduction to the fan, mainstream, major sponsors and major television networks, have created demanded and provided the need of a feeder system and of farming system for the athlete that aspire to fight on the highest level.

This demand and interest opened the field and the arena for other promotions giving a broader stage for regional and local fighters. The need and the demand made it necessary to supply the resources.That resource made it necessary for local and regional promoters to give the athletes another stage. Thus the start of other organizations promoting those fighters. And supplying that product to television networks.

There is a big big difference between competing and meeting necessary supply and demand. All of this made it necessary for other promoters to meet those demands. Aside from the UFC, to date there are approximately 50 other notable promotions Nationally and Internationally and about 30 others on the horizon.

Now in the mix you have King of the Cage, RFA, Legacy, CFFC Cage Fury Fighting Championship, WSOF, Bellator and Invicta to name a few and a host of others. All have managed to corner and concentrate on a share of the market and branding themselves in certain areas.

There are 50 States probably that many commissions and twice that many venues who host and hold these events. Major television networks, Spike, FOX, CBS Sports, NBC Sports, AXS TV and others now broadcast these events on national & local TV for fan enjoyment.

Fans everywhere enjoy the sport and enjoy the resources they have to watch their superstars and upcoming talent headed to the highest level of their ultimate goal.

Fans in MMA not only follow the Sport, they follow the fighter as well. And that means they follow their fighter wherever he or she may be and whenever he or she may be fighting. They never get enough or too much of the thrill of victory or the agony of waiting for the next fight. For the true MMA fan, occasional fan and the very supportive family member, there is never enough.

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