Rollin’ with Burt Watson: Aldo vs. McGregor

We Rolllinnn…This is what we do and why we do it!

As the rise and popularity of the UFC has reached fever pitch over the past twenty odd years, so has the magnetism and demands placed on all of its existing fighters and upcoming stars. Into the midst of all of this comes yet another tipping point for the UFC in the form of Jose Aldo versus Conor McGregor. From first sight and initial introduction to the world of the best fighters and the brightest lights, both McGregor and Aldo are still the same personalities they were when they entered the UFC. I have first hand experience of their traits having baby-sat these incredible athletes.

Coming in from the excellent Brazilian pool of MMA fighters, Jose Aldo was a quiet, calm, cool person that he still is today. Composed and reassured in his ability to deliver what he had been contracted to do. Behind it all and to no surprise, he has shown himself to be a great warrior with an unwavering indomitable spirit.

He came in, work ethics in place, exceptional skills, a sensible and effective weight cutting plan and not at all aware of the media blitz that was about to come. Maybe not truly understanding all of it, or the hype, he had in André Pederneiras and others around him who were familiar with all the hype. He set out to perform and exceeded all expectations except those of his camp who saw him execute what had been discussed, drilled and re-enforced.

As he ascended through the ranks and taking on all, suffering through injuries, he became the champion. For him, his camp and his country. The broad shoulders of this young man would go on to carry the expectations of his nation for over 10 years. Fast forward to 2013, along comes Conor McGregor. Making his way through Marcus Brimage the Ultimate Fighter contestant who was, at the time, garnering quite the reputation for being a prospect killer.

He came in to quite a fanfare with the exact same personality as he is famous for now The only difference being he’s added a few tattoos, the lights got brighter, he turned it up and let it go. The first day we met he came in and got on the scale to check his weight, he already had the air of confidence that follows him now. He was sure of his weight cut, how he was gonna make it and he was definitely sure of his forthcoming victories. He had no doubt even then he would be an unwavering success that he is now. I could smell the confidence.

Confidence, bright lights, heritage, pride, media blitz and the ability to be and sell yourself becomes a part of the process and now they meet. Big stage, bright lights and the display of skills. We can only watch the action on July 11th. Whatever the outcome the destiny of both men will irrevocably change their lives, and to a certain extent ours, forever.


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