Racism in the UFC?

2012: Lebron James’ Miami Heat don hoodies in response to teen deaths. 2016: Colin Kaepernick takes a knee to shine a light on the Black Lives Matter movement. 2021:Naomi Osaka and Simone Biles withdraw from Wimbledon and the Olympics respectively due to mental health concerns. 2021: Lewis Hamilton and Sebastien Vettel don LGBTQ+ rights t-shirts at the Hungarian GP. The line between sports and politics becomes more blurry still.

As colourful voices chuntering, “sport is no place for political protest” fade to black, has there ever been a better time to scratch at the deceptively shiny surfaces of our favourite sports leagues and challenge “just how socially responsible are they in 2021?”

On this episode of The MMA Audit we take a look at some of UFC’s biggest mainstream stars’ most glaring racial indiscretions and pose the question, “Why have these stars gone unpunished?”

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