Prince Naseem on McGregor: “This guy is a breath of fresh air”

Former world boxing champ Prince Naseem recently praised the UFC’s Conor McGregor for his approach to the game and the entertainment he brings.

Prince Naseem was known for the entertainment he brought to boxing with his entrances but also being able to back it up in the ring and said he sees a lot of similarities between himself and Conor McGregor.

While talking on the Boxing News Magazine Podcast Prince Naseem veered off track to bring up McGregor. He stated that although he doesn’t like boxing he feels that the Dubliner is the most exciting man in combat sports including boxing.

He told a story about how his brother, a few weeks back, introduced him to Conor McGregor by showing him a fight and how immediately blown away he was by the fighter.

“He [his brother] showed me this Irish guy from Dublin called Conor McGregor and I swear to god this guy is a breath of fresh air and this guy in my eyes is the most entertaining man in the whole of any combat sports there is today. So he has blazed out the whole of boxing, I mean smashed it out of the water.

“He is en-ter-tai-ning! This guy, he says in his interviews, he don’t only call the round, he calls the minute. The guy is a very confident guy. I like the way he fights.

“Some of the stuff that he does reminds me of when I was younger and the stuff I use to do and how confident I use to be. Some of the way that he speaks and how confident he is and the way he carries himself.”

Alan’s Angle: I can certainly see the similarities between the two. Prince Naseem was more of a showboating fighter where as McGregor is very much an intimidating fighter, but no one can deny that both men are mesmerizing in the cage. It is that entertainment factor and the ability to back it up is where I see the similarities.




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