Phil Baroni vs. Matt Lagler II in the works for Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship 1

Whilst I have billed this a ‘bitter rematch’, a lot of anger and passion has in most part come from Baroni’s last opponent, Matt Lagler. Baroni has a relaxed attitude towards Lagler. Wanting to get straight to the point of settling Lagler’s claims of an unjust loss due to Baroni allegedly striking him in the back of the head by directing Lagler to sign on as his forthcoming opponent for his already scheduled with no opponent Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships 1 bout.

Phil does exhibit a relaxed attitude towards life in general, so don’t read too much into Phil’s lack of taunting or engagement. When the contract is signed, and money is on the table or in the bank account; cameras are rolling Baroni is a showman or has he proclaims, ‘a prizefighter’. When it’s time to fight, Baroni is ready to throw down, hard! Rest assured to any fight fans tuning in to witness a little drama and things getting a little crazy you WILL get your moneys worth with this fight when it comes to that particular entertainment!

“Everybody’s saying I got knocked out by ‘bitch Baroni’, look foward to this one being turned around! Illegal blow after blow, thank you Cecil Peoples you blind motherfucker!” An infuriated Matt Lagler would attempt to set the record straight in regards to Phil’s victory of him.

Phil Baroni returned back to MMA action at King of the Cage: Under Siege, May 4th, 2018. With a 1st Round TKO victory of Matt Lagler, a bout that would mark Phil’s first MMA bout in 4 years with his last MMA bout dated: July, 2014. The bout would last all of 0:24 seconds. Baroni would throw and land the over-hand right, to set up the drop in levels, to attain and hook the back leg of Lagler whilse pushing on the chest of Lagler; leading to and securing a push take-down off of the back-leg single. From there, Phil would strike from side-back control position, before flattinging a turning in and sitting Matt Lagler by passing Lagler’s sitting guard. Phil would use double overhooks with tight chest pressure to control Laglers upper body, while walking himself up and over the legs of Lagler; leading to an unstoppable pass to full mount by by Baroni. Baroni would inflict several nasty fight ending strikes from a kneeling mount position after that, leading to the ref to call the fight off.

Baroni wasn’t the only one getting a little physical action for the first time. It would seem as if UFC Hall of Famer, Mark “The Hammer” Coleman was set upon and scratched when physically restraining Matt Laglers partner. Cage Rage 27 must have been springing right into Baroni’s mind. Baroni would be struck with a water bottle to the back of the head during his post fight in cage interview. San Diego and Phil Baroni are not a good combination. It would also seem whenever Mark Coleman and Phil Baroni are together, in cage / in ring scuffles gravitate towards them. Mark Coleman would have the upmost belief that friend Phil Baroni would accept a rematch with Matt Lagler under bare knuckle rules when speaking with WHOA TV.

“Well hell yea he will fight Matt Lagler in BKB. Phil Baroni equals same result,” a confident Mark Coleman would state. When asked to clear up Lagler’s claims of illegal strikes thrown Coleman had this to say to WHOA TV, “Hey was very fast. I’m in the corner not the ref! Shit happens don’t get put in that position. Clean enough! Respect to Matt Lagler. Do it again if not!” Upon revision of the footage. Before Baroni executed the sitting guard pass, Baroni would land a downward elbow to the back of the head of Lagler. The downward elbow can be illegal or not depending on a slight angle difference. The footage in not clear enough to determine whether there was an angle on the downward elbow. Baroni did land to the back of the head, but in the midst of battle, sometimes strikes go array of their intended target very easily; especially in such tight proximity when your trying to create space, and your opponent is trying to stay tight to avoid strikes.

Pragmatic is quite possibly not a philosophy Phil is even aware of, judging by his fighting style. Baroni’s ferocious style should work well with the 2 minutes allotted time per round, and 1 minute break inbetween rounds structured fight format that Barke Knuckle Fighting Championships sanction their fights under. Phil could be rightly accused in the past of loading up on his punches, and throwing his best punches early on. There’s been many of past Phil Baroni fights, where MMA fans have witnessed Baroni’s true grit and hunger, by his mind willing to stay in a fight when his body was saying no.

Upon observation and study of Lagler, I can confirm he’s a very durable and gutsy fighter. With that said, when a fighter (a noun I would certainly use to identify Phil) generates enough power, toughness will not stop ones conscious state from being rendered shut down. Phil has a knockout victory percentage of 69%. With 11 of his 16 victories coming via the way of KO or TKO finish. A stat that Lagler is all too well aware of. Their previous fight was finished on the mat.

A rematch will be competed under rules from a different combat rule book. Baroni will be instructed to retreat on any knockdown of Lagler, and Lagler will have the opportunity to regain his faculties. Even close distance and tie up / hold on to clear any cobwebs upon continuation of the fight after a knockdown. There will be no opponent passing Laglers legs and raining down strikes whilst he’s flattened to the mat.

There will be no opponent riding on Lagler with their body weight; entangled around his frame and pounding from a 45 degree angle. Whilst those options have been taken away from Phil Baroni in his next bout. There’s a reason Baroni signed on to fight in bare knuckle boxing — it’s a discipline he thrives in, and can be devastating in; And of most importance, seasoned in. Those little things count for a lot in boxing. Baroni should have more of ‘those little things’ than Lagler does, if they do compete against one-another in Baroni’s bare knuckle boxing bout.

The bout has been verbally agreed upon between Phil Baroni and Matt Lagler. When pressed for a clear answer from Phil Baroni as to whether he really does intend to accept a rematch with Matt Lagler, Phil Baroni in typical fashion, acknowledges our question but declines to answer. A man who doesn’t feel the need to repeat himself and tweak a few words to drive a point home. A superstar persona in and out of the ring or cage.

Matt Lagler would be brief and to the point, “Awaiting details, I’ve said yes multiple times already,” when responding to WHOA TV if he intends to accept the BKB bout against Baroni.

A friend and self proclaimed ‘adviser’ to the New York Bad Ass Phil Baroni, Matt ‘The Ultimate MF’ wasn’t as mute as Baroni would be. He had this to say to WHOA TV in regards to Matt Lagler.

“No controversy, Matt Lagler got beat down. He provided no offense what-so-ever; gave no sign he was going to be able to escape, but he thinks the stoppage was unjust, ‘Team Bad Ass’ would be happy beat him down again!”

After all the input from Matt Lagler and friends of The New York Bad Ass, a platform for the fight to take place is of all importance. Their will and want will mean nothing without a fight purse or a platform for the bout to take place. Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships already has Phil Baroni locked in for their debut June 2nd Show. Is Matt Lagler a suitable opponent for Baroni on their scheduled card? The narrative of controversy is there, but is the interest from Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships promoters?

“We are looking to let these two guys settle it in the Bare Knuckle Ring. Phil Baroni was already scheduled on the Card when I sent Matt Lagler a message asking if he would be interested in possibly doing this, he DID Respond Immediately! We are working on making that Fight [happen].”

The proposed fight has controversy, a narrative directing to conclusion, interested parties, contracts sent, a different set of combat rules, and a whole lot of proposed drama. Baroni’s only been back in MMA for a week and already we know it!

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