Pannie Kianzad: ‘I’m looking for those spectacular fights’

Ronan Keating once expressed in one of his songs, ‘life is a rollercoaster, just got to ride it’. His sentiments hold true for most in general life. Life is unpredictable and you’re never fully in control. In sporting careers those: twists, turns, loops and corkscrews exist. The MMA rollercoaster seems locked away on its own Ghost Town: Hard to find; Murky and just glaringly scary using my fictional analogy to better relate the feel.

July 9th, 2015: Pannie Kianzad was the unsanctioned Cage Warriors Bantamweight Champion, and had just been victorious in her thrilling Invicta FC debut, defeating Jessica Rose-Clarke (Jessy-Jess) — who is currently making great strides in the UFC Flyweight Division.

Banzai stripped and sexy-scramble in place as Pannie’s nickname / moniker.

The victory of Jessica Rose-Clarke would bring Kianzad a title shot against the pressure heavy Tonya Evinger. The title tilt with Evinger was already in play upon stepping into the cage with Jessy-Jess, but Pannie still had to get past her tough Aussie foe to reach Tonya’s destination. Get past her she did! With ‘Butt-Bombs’ in play, as Pannie made the most of every weapon in her arsenal, including her butt cheeks, as Pannie found herself in reverse mount position. The MMA Media couldn’t get enough of Pannie’s butt-bombs, and her vibrant, fun, favorable personality. Pannie was in hot demand.

Fast forwarding 2 years and 10 months: Pannie Kianzad would shed the undefeated claim after a 2nd Round TKO loss in her Invicta FC 14 Bantamweight Title Fight against Evinger and shed the sexy scramble nickname. Along with the shedding of claims and names, Pannie would endure a sidelining back injury; switch MMA Team / MMA Gym in what would be a complete breakdown of any communication; Change MMA Management, and collect an additional two losses on her record. Pannie would, to her benefit, gain a invaluable rock in her life, in the form of domestic partner, and amateur MMA fighter Ilaz Zabeli.

Pannie is still much appreciated and is an invaluable asset to Invicta FC. Quite possibly attributed to Pannie’s willingness to face whoever Invicta FC place in the cage with her. Pannie is at Invicta FC for the challenge, and not to protect her value, quite possibly increasing her value; in Invicta FC’s stance anyway.

Invicta FC 29: Kaufman vs. Lehner, May 4th, 2018. Pannie Kianzad looks to bring a stop to her three-fight losing streak. A position Pannie has really been unaccustomed to, previously being undefeated and never having to mentally overcome a losing streak prior. With such a vertical decline in the past three years in record, and luck. Pannie also breaking down in tears of emotion at the announcement of her prior loss to Kaufman. YET, having the privilege to compete with three of the best Martial Artists in the entire World. What mentality does Pannie take into her upcoming Invicta FC 29 tilt against Brazilian, Bianca Daimoni. And of most importance how has Pannie grown in these chaotic three years?

“To keep my mind strong, and to be ready for any challenge they give me,” Kianzad expresses to WHOA TV. “I knew coming to Invicta would mean me getting world class fights and opponents, so it wasn’t something I didn’t expect. Sometimes you just need to change camps to refresh your mind.”

One would assume, preparing for elite level competition can only elevate your game and understanding. Is Pannie now that ‘elite veteran’ over her newly State-Side Brazilian opponent, Bianca Daimoni?

In a recent interview with James Lynch Pannie exhibited confidence in being ‘better in all areas’ than her forthcoming challenge, Daimoni. There’s FOUR types of plays when it comes to a physical bodily combat showdown. An aggressor (pressure with body weight and technical violence); A counter-preneur (detect and punish openings); A Counter Aggressor (use your opponents momentum against themselves) A duel (where each takes turns to outwit and eliminate their target). Which approach will Pannie take in her INVICTA FC 29 bout with Bianca Daimoni believing she has the advantage in all areas?

“I always like to be in control of a fight, it’s depending of my opponent the fight will tell what I will do. Sometimes a game-plan changes and you have to be smart and see what the other one is doing so you don’t rush in to stupid shit,” Kianzad states when examining her approach to the fight with Daimoni.

One of Pannie’s set backs over the past three years was that of a niggling back injury that would develop from niggling to shelving Pannie for a period of time; leaving Pannie to contemplate early MMA retirement. Followed up by a knee injury that would occur as a result of unethical sparring technique. With 0 fights in 2016, and 1 fight in 2017. Pannie is back. Already set to compete more times in 2018 that she has in the past two years, in the lead-up to INVICTA FC 29. A usual professional competition unit in a calander year for any pro Mixed Martial Artist, is 3-4 professional fights per year. Pannie plans to keep busy for the rest of 2018 in the Invicta cage.

“So this will be my fifth fight for Invicta, and I kind of feel like a veteran. I’m actually planning to fight a lot this year. That’s what I do and love.”

With two former Invicta Champions relinquishing the Invicta Bantmweight Title to jump ship to the UFC Bantamweight Division, in Tonya Evinger and Yana Kunitskaya. Pannie may only find herself two impressive victories away — in an advantageous Invicta Bantamweight Division — from an Invicta FC Title Bout. Invicta FC already appreciate Pannie’s willingness to comply as a company worker, rather than to be a self brand. And Pannie has the bubbly personality and aggressive style to potentially highlight her name if performances reveal several title candidates in the Invicta Bantamweight Division. Does Kianzad envision an opening and an opportunity for a second attempt to procure Invicta gold?

“I try to think one fight at the time. If it gets me closer to the belt, sure that’s awesome. I’m looking for those spectacular fights, like with Kaufman, that I can look back and say: hey I fucking fought Kaufman and it was amazing, lol. A belt is always cool to fight for but if it happens it will come by itself from my achievements.”

Pannie Kianzad vs. Bianca Diamoni at Invicta FC 29, is available LIVE on UFC Fight Pass May 4th, 2018. Or catch the replay on the the same streaming platform.

Pannie would like to show gratitude towards her sponsors, management team and fight team in helping her prepare for Invicta FC 29: Smoking Photos; Menacing Valor; Fighter Alias; Winwedo; Badchicks MMA; Giulliano Gallupi; Roadhog; FSE Management; Arte Suave; GRRRL clothing; Sweet Sweat.

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