Taylor wants to bang with Chalmers at the next Bellator [VIDEO]

Recently, Anthony ‘Pretty Boy’ Taylor has been busy calling fighters out left, right, and centre and he has his eyes set on one of Bellator MMA’s biggest UK stars, the former Geordie Shore reality TV star, Aaron ‘The Joker’ Chalmers.

The Californian-born Taylor is currently riding high on a five-fight win streak and would like to add Chalmers onto his growing list of defeated opponents.

Taylor’s record currently stands at 7 wins to 5 losses and he is looking to grow this to 11-5, before asking for a rematch with Bellator’s Irish MMA phenomenon, James Gallagher.

His career got off to a rocky start, suffering losses to Gallagher, Adin Duenas and Ádám Borics in three of his opening four bouts for Bellator. However, he has since improved his record to 7-5 and is feeling a completely different fighter all around.

‘Pretty Boy’ has compared his career to that of Aaron Pico’s and feels that he was fed to the wolves in his opening bouts for the promotion.

Taylor trains out of Team Bodyshop MMA, alongside stars such as his coach Antonio McKee, Bellator featherweight title contender AJ McKee and the welterweight prospect Joey Davis.

Despite Chalmers training from SBG South Shields and having training camps with Team Renegade Jiu Jitsu, Taylor has said that he feels any member of his team will pick apart anyone that Chalmers has ever trained with and is confident that he beats him in any aspect of the sport, mental and physical.

Chalmers record stands at an impressive 5-2, with a mixture of KO’s, TKO’s and submission finishes throughout all his wins. However, Taylor insists that ‘The Joker’ has never fought any ‘killers’ and that the opponents he has faced have been hand-picked to help him win.

There is a lot of respect between the two fighters at this moment and Taylor sees a lot of similarities between them. In his words, they are both ‘glory whores’ who shine in front of the cameras and want fame over anything.

Both stars are known for their confident personalities and have verbally agreed to fight each other at the next Bellator MMA UK event. However, an interesting clause has been discussed between the two across Twitter.

This idea may be met with some criticism from fans of the sport, as this does not truly encompass the notion of ‘mixed martial arts.’ However, others will be strong supporters of the idea as it increases the chances of a knockout finish and will surely prove to be an entertaining match-up for all to watch.

Taylor insists he will stick to this agreement and says that he got the ‘Pretty Boy’ nickname from his opponents finding it hard to land a strike on him.

The clause is also something that will appeal to Chalmers as his only losses come from fights where a grappling specialist has been able to get a hold of him and either submit him, or grind the fight out for a unanimous decision victory. 

However, in every one of Chalmers bouts, he has been able to rock his opponent on the feet and, in most cases, finish the fight.

Taylor believes that a victory in this match-up works for both fighters as, if he wins, he gets some of the fame and following that Chalmers brings to the table. However, if Chalmers is victorious, then he proves that he can stand in there with a well-seasoned and legitimate fighter who has fought some of the biggest names in the Bellator promotion.

The only hinderance to this bout, could be that the two tend to fight at different weight classes, with Taylor fighting between featherweight and lightweight, whereas Chalmers is usually between lightweight and welterweight. 

Taylor has said that if Chalmers could not make the 155lbs limit, then he would be willing to take the bout at a 160lbs catchweight, should Bellator and the over-seeing commission allow this.

The President of Bellator MMA, Scott Coker, recently said the promotion are looking to start up some of their American events in July this year. 

However, it does not look likely that the UK will get any Live MMA events until September onwards, with the Cage Warriors President, Graham Boylan, posting this online yesterday afternoon.

It cannot be said as to when this match-up will be made. However, if it was to be part of Bellator Newcastle or London card, we would be sure to tune in to what will be a fun and entertaining brawl.

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