Mike Wilkinson “Amirkhani doesn’t believe in his own ability”

#UFCLondon which takes place on February 27th will bring together rival Featherweight fighters, Makwan Amirkhani and Mike Wilkinson. The two have had public spats back and forth on social media ever since Wilkinson defeated Amirkhani’s teammate Niklas Backstrom at UFC Fight Night 53.

Wilkinson was on this week’s #WHOACAST (link below) to talk about the upcoming bout which will see him fight on home soil for the first time since November 2011.

Amirkhani had posted an online video calling out Wilkinson ahead of the announcement, something which didn’t land well with Wilkinson.

“It took him a year to grow a set of nuts and call me out on the video. He is just a pussy. If he had something about him he would have done it night I knocked out his team mate.”

Since the fight announcement, Amirkhani has confirmed he will leave the Allstar Training Centre and has taken to social media to look for another gym to train at. SBG in Dublin has been targeted as a potential place for him to train at and Wilkinson has some big question marks over that decision.

“I heard he wants to train at SBG. Someone banged his missus and he wants to move gyms or he doesn’t believe in his own ability. He wants to train with Conor McGregor? Me, personally I want to fight Conor McGregor, it just proves he doesn’t think he is good enough to be there. He has already lost the battle, he is showing up February 27th for a beating in my backyard.”

With a UFC record of 2-0 with both wins inside the first two minutes of the bouts, Amirkhani’s stock has risen quicker than other Featherweights in the division. But Wilkinson has question marks over the level of opponents he has fought and really feels that Amirkhani is a great matchup for him.

“There’s a little bit of hype behind him, he fought Andy Ogle who no disrespect isn’t UFC material then he fought another kid nobody had heard of. Fought two bums and got two quick little lucky wins. Well done. He has not fought anyone like me. When he stepped his level up he lost on a decision. I have fought people like him, I have always tested myself. Always asked for someone better than me. Two little bum fight wins racked him up and made him look good. This fight is tailor made for me.”

Having been on the sidelines for all of 2015 the fight announcement has fuelled Wilkinson and he feels that nothing that Amirkhani says between now and then will affect his motivation.

“I don’t need any more fuel to the fire but the fact he is disrespecting me is making it worse for himself. I’m going to embarrass him in front of the world. He is going to look like a bad dickhead when I spark him out.”

With the #UFCLondon card not yet fully announced its still unsure as to where this bout will sit on the final card and Wilkinson would love to get on the main card, money aside, to get more eyes on him getting the win.

“I hope it’s on the main card so more people see me beat him up. Thank you Makwan for the opportunity to beat you up.”

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