Michael ‘GIP’ Cutting eyes Anthony Taylor for his return to Bellator

Cutting: A word synonymous with dissecting. Dissecting is exactly what (26 year old) Michael Cutting has been putting into action recently, in terms of his career aspirations.

After losing his Bellator debut to talented/brash Irish prospect: James Gallagher at Bellator 158 – Daley vs. Lima.  There was some potential self loathing; a lost soul veering off into the wilderness, looking for direction; looking for a purpose. A near 17 months on, and after making a re-overture to BellatorMMA President, Scott Coker, it would seems as if Michael ‘GIP’ Cutting now has that purpose.

Michael Cutting: “My missus has stood by me through it all and has pushed me to fight for what I want! At times I was going to leave it all behind She taught me that it’s better to try and fail then to not try at all! If I don’t try I’ll have already failed! Win or lose she has my back and she’s with me for me! She cooks all my meals – pushing me to train. So I thank her for all her support and hope she knows how much I appreciate and love her! The last year has taught me so much good and bad! And I’ve realised that if I want it that bad, I’ve got to fight for it! And I need to do it now. Let’s face it – fighting is what I know.

“Michael ‘GIP’ cutting is coming back stronger and better than ever! I was fighting at 50% of my skill-set and just having too much fun; now don’t get me wrong – I’ll still have fun but nothing and nobody will get in my way this time. I’ve let too much stop me from getting my dreams and my goals in the past and it has cost me so much; well no more, that’s for sure! 2018 is my year and I’m coming back for the wins ‘kill or be killed this time! I’m doing this for me, my girlfriend and my three children in hoping one day I can give them the life I dream of. Everyone deserves a second chance – so where’s mine; I’m waiting!  My aim is to get to the UFC one day! The determination is real and I don’t care who I have to fight or how many fights it takes; I will get there! I will be making weight at every fight after working hard and continuing to do so; my game plan is different; my thought process has changed! I’m a different person! I move, think and train different too others! My first goal after I’ve made weight and won my fight in May, 2018 [return fight at Featherweight; previously Featherweight and Bantamweight], I’m looking to get on the BellatorMMA roster at 145; under an exclusive contract with that promotion!”

Human resources can run thin sometimes; that’s true with the mental capacity’s ability to endure; process; then manage all personal distractions and demons that come into our life from outside or inside sources. The focus on ones career as well as persisting personal unhappiness – it raises ‘what is the point!’. It would seem as if Michael’s love & passion for MMA; the reason he got into Martial Arts & MMA will be the beacon for personal achievement; beacon for fulfilment; beacon for happiness, along with his family’s love & support to carry that motivation going forth.

Michael Cutting: “Fighting is what I do, it’s in my blood and since the first day I witnessed guys like Royce Gracie, Anderson Silva and B.J Penn perform MMA and the technique behind it all, I knew it was something I had to do! And now honestly, I couldn’t see myself doing anything else! Jujitsu and MMA saved me from being like the other kids from my town: doing nothing and going nowhere in life. I didn’t want that for me! I became a black belt in 2 years of training at jujitsu under my instructor a good friend, Michael Magary. I’m now a 2 time jujitsu world champion!”

So with Michael placing his marker tentatively, but meaningfully down on the 2018 MMA calendar – what mat, and what frames would Michael desire to show his art, and new found regime at/against? We’ve already viewed the re-overture to Scott Coker via a tweet, and Michael’s May, 2018 debut stated above. Let’s potentially dial in further to the canvas Michael would like to showcase his art for.

Michael Cutting:  “I’m determined now more than ever to get back into the cage and choke the first neck I can! I’m back, trust me! Anthony ‘pretty boy’ Taylor called me out a year ago, calling me a ‘bum’ making it personal – so now I want his neck or any limbs. let’s make this fight happen Bellator. He will be my first fight back in that Bellator cage and he will be my first win to putting everything right and making a big comeback.”

Wishful thinking or intents of a man who knows he will get what he wants? They say “if you work hard enough and believe enough – you’ll achieve anything”. We’ve witnessed foundation to such statements coming to fruition in MMA before. Conor McGregor is what some would call ‘special’, or maybe he’s a man who desired & aspired. That said, Scott Coker will be the determining factor towards giving the green light towards Cutting stepping into the BellatorMMA cage. Is a tweet enough, or will Cutting have to earn his spot on the full time BellatorMMA roster? It would seems as if Cutting has the desire to earn his spot but you need a platform to progress up those levels.

Cutting has had few trying to blacklist him from UK MMA cards. The MMA world in the UK is a small one. It’s hard to break into that international MMA scene, and even tougher to break out onto the North American MMA scene from the UK.  Michael’s experience and abilities alone should be enough to secure a spot on many various MMA European events. Can he push through the stone wall that certain individuals have placed in front of him? Will Michael get that opportunity? He has the credentials – having already showcased his abilities on the BAMMA & Bellator canvases. Some would be happy enough with that achievement alone. Micheal isn’t done achieving and won’t be kept down, no matter what. That should be music to any regional/second tier promoters ears. You want a reliable guy who you know has a unnerved desire to make it to the top.

Michael ticks the skill/desire/reliable boxes to make a Champion for any regional/second tier promotion. Will he be granted his wishes; will he be given a chance by  Coker, and will he attain his goals for 2018? We can’t answer those questions, but I ask you to keep an eye out and show support to a family man trying to provide a better life for his family, with the only thing he knows how to, and that is through his passion for a sport he lives for.

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