McGregor vs. Aldo set to be the biggest fight of the year

Last night Conor McGregor emphatically, and expectedly, claimed his right to be next in line to challenge for the UFC featherweight title with a demolition of German veteran Dennis Siver.

The UFC took a calculated risk last night with all the promotion they put into McGregor and flying Jose Aldo all the way up to Boston from Brazil but it paid off for them big time. The fight against Siver had become a secondary thought for most as all the focus was on McGregor vs. Aldo and whether or not it would be in a stadium in Brazil or Ireland. But in the end the UFC unsatisfyingly settled for Vegas.

Back to the fight, McGregor put on a clinic last night showcasing his taekwondo skills, devastating knees, and even showing us how quickly and effortlessly he can get back to his feet on the occasions Siver managed to get a takedown. But it was his boxing that done the most damage, that left straight down the middle damaged his German counterpart the most. The speed and accuracy at which McGregor threw that can only be admired. It became apparent early in the first round that it was only a matter of time before McGregor could claim his next victim.

“I said two minutes, I meant two rounds,” McGregor said jokingly in the post-fight interview.

Immediately after the fight McGregor scaled the Octagon and jumped down to the floor to confront Jose Aldo. By doing this he instantly made everyone a lot more money and the attention this fight will get as a result should push that PPV too perhaps near the coveted 1million buys the UFC so desperately desire and need. I think McGregor has to be praised for having the wits and awareness about him to jump into the crowd towards Aldo after just fighting, he has a mind for fighting and promoting which are both equally impressive.

“F*ck (Jose Aldo) anyway,” was McGregor’s response to a question about Aldo post-fight.

This fight will be the biggest of the year, maybe even the decade and we can all thank McGregor’s mouth and equally his amazing fighting ability for that.



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