Matchmaking for Jon Jones after UFC 247

Jon Jones’ Options and Light Heavyweight and Heavyweight. What Options Does He Have After UFC 247

Yes we know its rather presumptious but I feel we are all pretty confident as to what will take place in the next two weeks when Jon Jones returns in the next two weeks.

Jon Jones, The former UFC light heavyweight champion, is one of the all-time greatest fighters. His return can help to erase the previous dark marks and re-establish him as one of the elites… It will be a highly anticipated fight due to his presence. It is ideal for taking a look at the five best options for Jones’ upcoming return to action.

No. 1 Daniel Cormier

The fight between Jones and Daniel Cormier has one of the most heated, and the best rivalries in UFC history. Jones is two steps ahead despite his issues and recent suspension but still, give this potential bout interest with fans. Cormier one time dismissed a fight on UFC T because he had another pending with Brock Lesnar. While the third fight with Jones is still something, he would want as a competitor.

No. 2 Stipe Miocic

Stipe Miocic has several claims at a rematch for the heavyweight gold by being the most successful champion in history with about three title defenses. That means he will need another fight before contending for the belt, and he deserves a top tier name. Jones provides the big-name opponent for Miocic, who has set up a definite No. 1 contender. The fight would give everyone, including the Judi poker, a good look at how he would compete at heavyweight. The thought is that the transition would be seamless, although Miocic could stymie that notion. It’s a historic fight that checks all the boxes and could be considered one of the best options.

No. 3 Anthony Johnson

Jones vs. Anthony is another fight that could happen at either light heavyweight or heavyweight. Stoking the fire of this meeting was a social media post from Jones at a convention. It was posed for although it looked at how the two stacks up, which was exciting to create a little buzz.

No. 4 Brock Lesnar

Jones should wait for Lesnar vs. Cormier to take place and then meet Lesnar, either win or lose. This has been a dream match for a very long time. Since Jones ascended to the UFC light heavyweight title, his fans have expected a move up and about against Lesnar. The pieces are coming closer to the fight to happen. The two met in 2017 before Jones’ suspension. No matter the result of Lesnar vs. Cormier, the bout with Jones will be great. Therefore to ensure it happens and is a massive fight, the UFC should look to keep Jones on the sideline. It is not the best solution, but it will give everyone a massive payday without more risk. Alternatively, Jones could play the role of replacement for either Cormier or Lesnar should the other get injured for their projected clash.

No. 5 Alexander Gustafson

The other four options are all enticing, but there is just one option. It has been and still is the greatest light heavyweight title fight in UFC history. It was the first time Jones was challenged. Fans never got the rematch to the contested decision that happened in 2013.

The UFC has options where Jones is the top name for every Judi poker, at light heavyweight, but he could also make a long-awaited move up to heavyweight to face a new array of challenges.

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