Liam McGeary draws up a BellatorMMA ‘Hit-List’

Emphatic statements are often something you witness in MMA. Some come to fruition, some not quite so. But, when statements are posted with such emphasis as to what Liam McGeary inserted into his declaration of war against the BellatorMMA’s ‘top dogs’ — interests can be peaked. Not only by MMA fans, but by the names on the ‘hit list’ of those created by McGeary.

There it is ?, broken thumb!!! Fights off because ive broke my bloody thumb!! Cant believe how gutted i am!! I know, we can re schedule and all that but fuuuck!!! You guys were in for a treat!!! Tell you what tho bubba, you lucky bastard! You got away from a fuckin hiding there!! I was gunna prove a point on you!! I bet I could have even done that 1 handed. But the doc wouldn't let me! @kingmofh , I'm gunna be out for a little while longer, heal up fast mate, let's get this fight sorted! I want to fight you man, @philmrw . Your next, beat that dude you got and let's get down again. I'll show you how you finish a fucking fight! @ldv_theswarm , deal with bader man get yuour gold, then I'll put him to sleep after that ?? I'm calling all you fuckers out! Now I'm ready to face you, got my little problem sorted. You wrestlers don't bother me anymore ?? I will be coming after that belt now…. Soon as my thumb fixes

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A former Champion; defending his BellatorMMA Light-Heavyweight title one time against (UFC Hall of Famer) Tito Ortiz, Liam McGeary must reminisce of tapping out, at one time — the most dominant UFC Champion there was. 11-0 Liam was at that point in time, with one of the most prestigious belts in all of MMA wrapped around his waist.

“I’ll think about it every now and then, yeah. That there was the happiest I’d ever been after a fight; even better feeling than winning the belt. I’d submitted Tito (Ortiz), that was an achievement that had not been done for many years, and I did it twice in one fight too, haha. But yeah I was proper buzzin’ after that. Now I think about revenge on my losses and what I have to do to get my belt back.” Liam tells WHOATV TV.

In a division with an influx of top 10 Light-Heavyweight fighters being drafted over from the UFC, there was only one direction they were heading — straight for Liam McGeary and his BellatorMMA Light-Heavyweight strap. Past tense for Liam McGeary surely must have been bitter-sweet.

Liam would have front row seats to the latest acquisition to the roster he sat King of. Phil Davis, a four-time NCAA Division I All-American for four years running (2005, 2006, 2007, 2008). A more athletic; a more explosive; a more agile opponent that the legend McGeary just dispatched. Upgrade in full effect by BellatorMMA. Phil Davis would have to earn his shot in the BellatorMMA Light-Heavyweight Division though. Earn it he did.

On the same night (September 19th, 2015 Bellator Dynamite 1) as Liam eloquently carved out one of his more important victories of his career, so too did Phil Davis; except – his was two victories in one night; gaining the Bellator Light-Heavyweight Tournament strap as reward.

BellatorMMA would now have two Light-Heavyweight Kings in their Division; both stood face-to-face in the BellatorMMA cage. No alpha male pride could surely find this setting allowable? There surely can only be room for one King in the Light-Heavyweight throne?

“I didn’t worry about it at the time; I’d beaten Tito. After when I thought about it I started to get a little annoyed — Then I was stuck on the couch recovering from my surgery; then I got really pissed off!”

The showdown would commence between Liam and Phil Davis: Novermber 4th, 2016 | Bellator 163 — as Phil Davis would take the 5 round unanimous decision victory over Liam, and take home his second BellatorMMA World title in the progress.

Liam would keep active, facing ‘hard-hitting’ Brit — Brett McDermott just three months later. McDermott would come out of retirement to secure a spot in the main event of a co-promoted BAMMA/Bellator card in Belfast, Northern Ireland. McDermott would stun McGeary early, but McGears skills would shine through; earning the TKO stoppage victory in the second round.

Up next was a chance for possible redemption; a chance to re-gain his Bellator Light-Heavyweight strap back; but Liam would have to go up against a very physical foe, in fellow Brit: Linton ‘The Swarm’ Vassell. This was a fight that had been thrown around by the press at various press conferences, and media interviews that included both Liam or/and Linton. Now the questions were over, and with a cordial friendship put to one side – it was time to do battle!

Linton’s physical structure and heavy grappling skills would prove a difficult obstacle against Liam’s fluid/flamboyant Jiu-Jitsu skills. Leading to a 3rd round — (top) arm triangle submission victory for The Swarm. That victory would set Linton on a path to face newly crowned champion — Ryan ‘Darth’ Bader (Ryan Bader def: Phil Davis via decision | Bellator 180, to become new BellatorMMA Light-Heavyweight Champion), a bout Linton would later lose via TKO in the second round to Bader.

So with the landscape changing significantly for Bellator in their Light-Heavyweight Division in the past 2+ years, and a Bellator Heavyweight Tournament set to take place over the course of 2018, that will feature newly high profile signee names, such as: Roy Nelson, Fedor Emelianenko & Matt Mitrione; along with established BellatorMMA stars, such as: King Mo, RAMPAGE Jackson, both of whom are natural Light-Heavyweight fighters for BellatorMMA — it raises the question of other possible highly ranked BellatorMMA Light-Heavyweight fighters being drafted in as alternates. Liam informs WHOA TV of his recent interactions with BellatorMMA, and his opinion on the star-studded BellatorMMA Heavyweight Tournament set for 2018.

“I wasn’t offered a slot (in the tournament); I was out injured, so missed it. I didn’t even know about it (being honest) Yes I have declared war. As for the tournament — it should Be entertaining! A lot of big names in this, so it should be a good event.”

Detailing his injury, that occurred in the lead-up to his recently scheduled bout against (TUF: 17 veteran) Bubba McDaniel at Bellator 185 | October 20th, 2017 — Liam had this to say to WHOA TV. “I don’t know when I can get back in there. When BellatorMMA let me at them (REALLY). I will be good to go from the new year; I will get cleared in a couple weeks with the thumb then i can finally hit something with my right hand again!”

After suffering the highs & lows of what MMA and sports in general can throw an athletes way from being a former undefeated Champion — Liam has drawn his hit-list, and we can expect that list to be in full effect once the thumb is healed for 2018.

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