KSW 40: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

What a night it was, even you didn’t catch the event on Sunday, it’s worth going back and checking it out. However, if you need some convincing to do so then read on.

Let’s start with the good; like always KSW never fail when it comes to production values, currently the market leader on so many levels in Europe KSW 40 had incredible lighting and made a big deal out of the last 6 fights by having a scaffolding display on both sides of the arena with the fighters each getting single introductions. The card was filled with even fights all round with a lot of fights going to decision, so you got your money’s worth.

Now for the bad, only one thing to report on here and that was with the main event. Originally Pudzianowski was meant to face James McSweeney but unfortunately, he was not medically cleared to fight. Despite submitting everything that was asked of him and it came up clear and KSW being confident that he would be clear otherwise he wouldn’t have been in Dublin along with his family and trainer all staying in the hotel on KSW’s dime. At the last minute being pulled from the card was a deflation for the promotion. Whether it’s a good thing for McSweeney’s health or not, who knows. All we do know is he wasn’t happy, nor were the fans but hopefully we will get to see this clash some day soon.

And lastly the ugly. Parke missed weight for this bout so the belt was no longer on the line but it was still a grudge match. During the first round Parke got a knee to the groin and a finger in the eye. It was shaping up to be a great fight potentially being fight of the night. The second round again was balls to the wall and just a straight up fight, Parke received another eye poke for his enthusiasm. A fight broke out in the crowd out of frustration. Referee Marc Goddard called a No Contest at that point which didn’t go down well with a lot of people.

Parke approached Gamrot’s team and got in their face even going as far to push welterweight champion Borys Mankowski and he then received a left hand from one of Gamrot’s cornermen. It was a shame that all this controversary took place at such a good event. It might be the catalyst for Gamrot/Parke III but apparently Parke wants to move up to welterweight and a lot of people don’t want to see it but who knows what will happen.

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