KSW 40: In the rear view mirror

What an amazing night it was, very few finishes, a controversial ending to the co main event and a near full house with a loud polish crowd. Here is how the night went.

Anton Racic defeats Pawel Politylo by decision: The first round started off with jitters, Politylo was on the offensive while Racic was completely defensive, pretty boring but it went to Politylo. Racic started off the second looking for a takedown and finally got it, Politylo got right back up and scored 2 takedowns of his own. Round 3, we saw Racic outwrestle Politylo but didn’t really do anything, just smothered him. A frustrating round for Politylo and it was enough for Racic to pull off the win.

Paul Lawrence defeats Konrad Iwanowski by decision: Feeling each other out with a takedown from Iwanowski. Lawrence attempted a triangle but Iwanowski picked him up and dropped him twice. Lawrence took control after attempting a leg lock. A good fight so far. Round 2 was more of a stand up fight until Iwanowski took Lawrence down again half way through. Iwanowski nearly got a rear naked choke but Lawrence was saved by the bell. In round 3, there was more feeling out; a Poland red and white chant broke out and Lawrence started to get the better of the grappling but it ended with a slugfest towards the final bell. Lawrence got the win somehow, first 2 outcomes felt suspect. For me Politylo and Iwanowski should have won.

Paul Redmond defeats Lukasz Chlewicki via decision: Chlewicki picked his shots wisely on the more aggressive Redmond, Chlewicki got a takedown but Redmond soon got up, towards the end of the round Chlewicki became the aggressor. In the second, Chlewicki came out a bit more aggressive to which Redmond replied in kind. A much more physical round with both men picking their shots. In round 3 Chlewicki had his moments but Redmond got the better of him scoring a takedown towards the end of the round. Redmond got the decisive victory.

Chris Fields defeats Michal Fijalka via decision: Round 1 started off with Fields looking for a variety of submissions but Fijalka’s size was too good for his defence which led him to take control. Round 2, we saw more ground work with both getting the upper hand but Fields getting the better of the exchange. Cardio was starting to become a factor in this for both men. The last round was quite lacklustre, Fields arm strength was gone from the previous round along with Fijalka not having any cardio. Easy to see why Fields won.

David Zawada defeats Maciej Jewtuszko via decison: It looked like the first finish of the night in the first 2 minutes with Zawada coming out flurrying with strikes and it was more of the same for the rest of the round. The second round saw a bit more life from Jewtuszko but Zawada still got the better of him. At the end of the round both looked pretty gasped. In round 3 Jewtuszko needed a finish and looked a bit more aggressive but couldn’t get the finish he needed.

Ariane Lipski defeats Mariana Morais by submission: Started off with grappling. Lipski got a great takedown that led to a rear naked choke for a submission win.

Michal Materla defeats Paulo Thiago by TKO: Round 1 started off with grappling with Thiago getting the better of the exchange at first but Materla turned the tables for the rest of the round. The second started slow but Materla got the better of Thiago and picked up the win.

Mateusz Gamrot vs Norman Parke ended in N/C: Round 1 we saw a hit to the balls and an eye gauge both from Gamrot. Despite this, it was a very physical round, this had the makings of been a fight of the night. There was a lot of tension in this one, a fight broke out in the crowd. It was balls to the wall until the ref stopped it after an eye guage. After the fight Parke wanted more before officials stepped in after he was sucker punched by a member of Gamrot’s corner.

(Main Event) Mariusz Pudzianowski defeats Jay Silva via submission: This one opened up with some wild shots to try and get the upper hand. Pudzianowski got the better of the exchange. A lot more grappling in the second, again with Pudzianowski getting the better of Silva. This round took a lot out of both gas tanks. Silva came out swinging in the third with Pudzianowski eating some stiff shots but managed to take Silva down. Silva continued with the assault but Pudzianowski showed unreal determination towards the end.

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