Is the Cage Warriors title or the UFC next for the Irish MMA prospect Ian Garry? [VIDEO]

At just 22-years-old, Ian Garry is already setting himself up as one of the most exciting and talented prospects coming out of the Irish MMA scene.

Fighting out of Team KF in Swords, Dublin, ‘The Future’ holds an undefeated professional record of 3-0 and has been compared to the likes of Conor McGregor by the President of Cage Warriors, Graham Boylan.

Even at this early stage in his career, Garry is not shy of any confidence and is raring to go with any fighter who wants to step into the octagon with him.

Despite being announced for both the Cage Warriors London and Belfast cards, Garry never received an opponent for these dates, as in his words, no one would take the fight.

Garry claims that the Cage Warriors matchmaker Ian Dean had thrown a few names at his head coach Chris Fields. However, when the fight was put forward to the opposition, no one would put pen to paper. 

This, alongside the Covid-19 pandemic, had put a stop to Garry’s 2020 plans, where he was aiming to squeeze in two fights before the UFC came to Dublin on August 15th, hoping to get his name on the card.

After Boylan’s recent comments on Euro Bash, it seems unlikely that any Cage Warrior’s stars will sign with the UFC for the rest of the year. However, this hasn’t halted Garry’s long-term plans and now he has his eyes set on winning the Cage Warriors title in the near future.

Despite the young fighters confidence, he maintains a mature awareness to where he is currently at in his career and feels the Cage Warriors welterweight title is only a few fights away.

Garry is part of a group of Irish fighters that are flying high in the MMA world at the moment, with the likes of James Gallagher, Leah McCourt and Rhys McKee, it is safe to say the sport is in good hands.

The Irish MMA scene has risen dramatically in recent years and a man who has been a crucial figure in its expansion its none other than ‘the notorious’ Conor McGregor.

Garry claims that McGregor was an integral figure into why he began training in mixed martial arts and believes that the reason the sport is where it is today, is largely down to McGregor’s influence.

As for when Garry will return to the octagon, he is looking to get on the first card back and put on a fight for the ages. He says we should expect dancing, singing and a performance that catches a lot of peoples attention.

Check out what Garry had to say in our interview above.

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