History of Blackjack

UFC President Dana White has in the past said he only sleeps three to six hours a night, and that’s only when he isn’t up all night at the blackjack table in Vegas, which is often.

So what it the history of this incredible game.?

Blackjack, a game popular with the likes of Dana White, Leonardo De Caprio and Frank Sinatra, it’s a game of chance loved by all of those who enjoy the hedonistic risk-taking of gaming, particularly in the casinos.

But where exactly did Blackjack come from, and begin? Was it a game exclusively limited to those who were allowed to play? Or did it come from more humble beginnings against a backdrop of poverty? We’ll divulge all of the secrets surrounding the history of Blackjack, and more.

Indeed, it’s a game that was shrouded in mystery and still is, this is pertinent to the popularity of the game and of course like so many other casino games, it’s one of the reasons 666casino.com players  choose to play it in the first place.

Where in history did Blackjack take root?

There are many ideas around where black jack came from, but let’s explore those to get an idea on which one could be the most accurate.

The variant of the game blackjack that has swept Europe since its conception most likely came from France and Spain, and back then it was called “Vingt-et-un”, meaning 21. However, the game itself initially came from other games which predate 21, like the French game “Quinze”, which means 15, along with the game “Sette e Mezzo”, which comes from Italy, with the game title meaning 7 and a half.

Historians Roger Baldwin and Arnold Snyder have produced extensive research on the game blackjack, and from their findings have shown that actually, blackjack seems to have come instead from the Spanish game “Trente-un”, which means 31.

Baldwin and Snyder found that a priest had referenced this game in 1440, and it had also been referenced in a text from 1570 written by author Miguel de Cervantes.

But the name of the game actually came of course, from the Americans.  In 1820, the game was legalised and blackjack begun popping up everywhere, with its own new American rules.

Who gave us blackjack?

The story goes that a Ms Eleanore Dumont started hosting the game 21 and taking care of the bank and dealings of it at Nevada city in the mid 1800’s, and played the game to any takers, and got quite a bit of success from it.

Blackjack was officially established however, in Nevada much later in 1931. Soon after this, rules and regulations were put in place in order to make sure there would be boundaries within the game and so  result in less opportunities of cheating.

Then came a guy called Edward O. Thorpe, who quite literally, changed the game. It was him who devised the ten count system and Thorpe also introduced the idea of beating the dealer, along with computer scientist Harvey Dubner who wanted to help introduce a counting system, and that he did, it’s known now as the Hi-Lo count.

The introduction of computers meant that players got more of a fair shot at winning no matter if the casinos changed the game slightly in order to reduce these numbers, as often would be the case.

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