Highlights of Bob Sapp’s North Korean diplomacy seeking adventure

This is so crazy it could be a cartoon. A host of martial artists and pro-wrestlers recently embarked on a journey in order to help sporting relations between Japan and North Korea and the main event former NFL player and MMA fighter Bob “The Beast” Sapp.

Sapp had recently retired from MMA following a long and financially successful career. At the beginning he was a spectacle and due to his sheer size and power was a formidable foe for anyone in the game. But in the latter part of his career he lost fights with ease, falling over to any slight punch just to collect a large pay cheque. When he announced that he was to be the main event for this sporting spectacle in North Korea people were confused as to what would be his involvement. But fret no more as we have the video highlights of “The Beasts’ journey to North Korea”.

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