Haye vs Bellew: All you need to know in three minutes

Why are they fighting?

David Haye has said on numerous occasions it never crossed his mind to fight bellew and neither does he think it is a fair fight (worth noting he has said that about most opponents including his loss to Klitschko). Tony Bellew believes that Haye has been “conning the public” fighting boxers that are “not fit to be his sparring partners” and has taken it upon himself to give Haye a real dog fight.

Is the Animosity real?

Anyone who tuned into the press conference would say so. With Bellew pushing his opponent only for Haye to land what he has described a “slap with a closed fist”. A hate that cannot be questioned is Haye’s dislike to Bellew’s entire team, most notably Eddie Hearn and head coach Dave Coldwell. Coldwell had been a part of the Hayes team in the past (according to Haye he would carry his merchandise) and Eddie Hearn has been described “a clown taking away the limelight of the fighters”

Do they have History?

They do not share the same social circles as Tony Bellew is a self confessed family man and describes Haye as a Diva who socialises with celebrities that he doesn’t even know. Tony has called Haye a failed actor something that cannot be called of Tony, having a large role in the most recent Rocky film. They have sparred several years in the past when Tony said he knew he would face and beat Haye in the future, Haye has little recollection of the event.

Will the fight be competitive?

According to the experts, Yes. David Haye has not been in a competitive fight for 5 years with a win against Dereck Chisora. A year before that was arguably the worst performance of his career against then king pin Wladmir Klitschko. In that time he has had multiple surgeries and has been quoted to say his shoulder and right hand may not ever have the same power it once did. His past two fights cannot prove anything given the quality of the opponents.
Tony Bellew is undoubtedly in his prime, coming of two KO’s against high competition in Makabu and Flores.

Is it worth watching?

Yes, yes yes. The build up alone is worth the entrance fee. Both fighters have power in abundance and both have been stopped in the past. It has all the potential to be a war (Tony Bellew being known for heart and the ability to get up of the canvas) and Haye once had the most power in the HW division, yet, could just as easily be a highlight reel knockout.
Sky box office (not the joke that is ITV box office) means production will be tip top, a Haye win will make interesting TV to see how he reacts to Eddie Hearn and a Bellew upset is most definitely a “I shook up the world” moment, in a scouse accent. Hands down the biggest UK clash since Froch Groves 2.

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