Gina Carano & Dave Bautista to star in a movie alongside Robert De Niro

“A casino card dealer, with a shady past, puts together a crew to rob a bank and hijacks a city bus as to have as collateral.” – That is the synopsis of the upcoming movie ‘Bus 657’.

The movie will star screen legend Robert De Niro alongside two stars from the combat and sports entertainment world in former MMA champ Gina Carano and WWE pro wrestler Dave Bautista.

32-year-old Carano has been a constant figure in the news headline’s of the MMA world with the ‘will she, won’t she’ make a comeback to fight in the UFC. Dana White labelled her as ‘the most difficult person to deal with’ seemingly putting an end to the talks for the time being.

Her acting career has somewhat stalled in recent years. After having a couple of small bit roles she was awarded her first starring role in a major Hollywood movie in 2011’s ‘Haywire’. Since then the only notable role she has had was in ‘Furious 6’ aka ‘The Fast & the Furious 6’ in 2013.

One time MMA fighter Dave Bautista has been finding things going better for him in the acting world. After a few straight to DVD’s movies the WWE superstar has appeared in a ‘Riddick’ movie as well as being one of the stars of this year’s Box Office hit ‘The Guardians of the Galaxy’ where he won over many as ‘Drax the Destroyer’.

And things aren’t slowing down for the 45-year-old either, along with ‘Bus 657’ he is set to take up the role of ‘Tong Po’ in the remake of the much loved 80’s action movie ‘Kickboxer’ and is set for big things in the Marvel Universe as Drax.

‘Bus 657’ is directed by Scott Mann, director of ‘The Tournament’, and will also star Kate Bosworth and Jeffrey Dean Morgan and is set for a 2015 release.

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