Fights that’ll make you say WHOA – Philpott vs Yunusov

Our monthly look at notable fights featuring European Mixed Martial Artists has been expanded. Instead of a quick breakdown I’ll be putting a bit more flesh on the bones of fights which I feel will be worth your while seeking out. This month is a packed month and first up is notable and outspoken pugilist Alan ‘The Apprentice’ Philpott.

Alan Philpott has long been vocal about his lack of decent fight salaries. It’s fair to surmise that perhaps this has been a factor in his ability to stay focussed in preparing an effective fight camp that results in a dominant performance come fight night. Signing with ACB, which arguably is the number one destination for those fighters looking to optimise their earning capacity and the ability to fight regularly, should enable Philpott to concentrate on delivering some career defining performances from here on in.

He’s been working hard in the run up to his clash with Yunusov Islam which takes place this coming Saturday and will see the first time that ACB set out their stall in Australia. Having seen his preparations close up after visiting him in Liverpool before his signing to the promotion was officially announced he looked every bit confident and self assured in his new found vigour and ability to face the task ahead. It’s not a walk in the park for the Belfast man, no ACB match ups usually are.

Of late Philpott has ironed out many of the nutritional speed bumps that have scuppered his previous attempts at progress. In essence we have Philpott 2.0, recharged and refreshed to the point that he has already put the division on notice without even stepping foot in the cage that this is his first step towards claiming the belt which is clearly within his sights. As mentioned before do not be fooled by Islam’s record as with most of ACB’s roster its filled with hidden assassins. This time around it’s highly likely though that it will be Philpott who will be executing the win in spectacular fashion.

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