Excited for Conor’s return…you bet

Conor McGregor vs. Donald Cerrone is almost here

The beauty of being a mixed martial arts fan, more so, an enthusiastic bettor, is that there is always something to look forward to. Boredom is not a term you can identify with. The big fight is fast approaching, and we are all excited. The match will be hosted at UFC246, tickets are already sold out. If you will be watching from the comfort of your home, you should clear your schedule for Saturday, 18th of January.

If you are sport betting on this big day, you have a task ahead of you, solely because they are both big names in this bout. Determining who is best to bet on will be challenging, but that should be the exciting part of it: the uncertainties.

What to look forward to

The main event t is, of course, the real meat of the event, but some margination would make it even better. There will be a press conference on 15th, that is, a few days before the match. McGregor will be showing up again after a long lay off after his 2018 event with Khabib, UFC’s lightweight champion.

For Donald Cerrone, it will be a big opportunity after years of being an accomplished fighter for UFC willing to take on all comers. The press conference will be open to the public and also free. If you are in Las Vegas, Nevada, you can show up at the Pearl Concert Theater to have first-hand experience. This is the time that Conor and Donald get to talk smack brag, let out their temper, and hype you up for the game. It is so entertaining, and by the time it is over, you will be so charged to see who can back up their talk.

The body transformation of the fighters in preparation for the game is worth looking forward too. it will also be exciting to see how they handle their new weights in the cage. A welterweight boxer weighs between 63.5 kgs and 66.7 kgs.

In the run up both have looked great, as they are both standing at 170. Conor appears to be fit and is expected to perform well in the clash. Donald Cerrone has also managed to successfully transform after his last lightweight fight, which was in September. Much is expected from him, by having vast experience in the welterweight division.

Both players have their strengths, which should give them an edge in the upcoming match. Cerrone a resilient competior used to deep waters and McGregor the hard punching southpaw. If you are sport betting on the match, start assessing the predictions from their previous matchups. Some analysis can also give you insights. Saturday 18th will be the judge.

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