Dennis Siver: “I will do everything to punish him for his harsh words”

I think everyone can agree that UFC Boston is the Conor McGregor show. Fans and media alike from around the world have poked fun at how little the UFC have promoted Siver’s part in the main event this Sunday night.

All the adverts and YouTube features have primarily focused on McGregor and even the event poster has the Irishman front row and centre while his German counterpart is looking over his shoulder like as if he is Jan Brady from The Brady Bunch.

We have heard very little from Siver, an 18 fight veteran of the UFC, but in an interview released today from he has bit back a little. The Russian-born German fighter has taken up the role of like a mini Ivan Drago in the way of not saying much but being confident of victory. He even went as far as to say that he “will do everything to punish him for his harsh words.”

During the interview Siver also claimed that he has the upper hand in every aspect of the game over McGregor and even went as far as revealing some confidence in saying that he can knock the Irishman out.

“We will see where the fight ends up and I know, I can beat him in all aspects of his game and yes, I can knock him out.”

Also the 35-year-old finally showed a glimpse of emotion when he hijacked one question regarding McGrgeor and Aldo by saying “after fighting for so many years, when I will beat Conor, its my time for a title shot,” before later again reiterating that Jose Aldo would be next for him should he beat McGregor this Saturday.

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