Claudia Gadelha hints at jealousy being the reason for Ais Daly’s comments

They were supposed to meet at UFC Krakow on April 11th but Claudia Gadelha was forced to withdraw from the contest citing an injury. Despite this however the two fighters are still going at it verbally.

At the QnA in Dublin this past Tuesday Ais Daly was asked about Gadelha and their supposed ‘beef’. And while the Irish fighter was quick to put down any sense of bad blood between the two she did throw a little prodding comment regarding Gadelha’s withdrawal from their fight.

“We were both due to be tested and she was gone. Think from that what you will.”

It seems that the Brazilian hasn’t taken too kindly to those words and while talking to suggested that Daly might be jealous of her and that she would fight her at any time in order to shut her up.

“I was tested in every Invicta FC fight. I was tested in every UFC fight and I don’t have any problem with that,” Gadelha told “Aisling said that because she’s not an athlete. I’m a better athlete, more disciplined. I train every day, several times a day, and I take care of my body. I believe she said that because I’m fit and she’s fat, she has that big belly. She doesn’t make weight, she’s not an athlete, and is talking shit.

“I will fight her anytime, at any event she wants. I want to fight and shut her up more than ever now.”

First Ais Daly will have to fight Randa Markos at UFC 186 in Montreal, Canada before the two can get to settle their difference.

Alan’s Angle: Suggesting that a fighter uses PED’s or steroids, even in the slightest of ways, is a big no-no. But Gadelha’s comments were childish and obviously born out of anger. Regardless, this makes for an exciting storyline and promotional material should these two fight in the future.


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