Chael Sonnen says Fedor vs. Anderson Silva is in the works

‘The Bad Guy’, ‘The American Gangster’ himself Chael Sonnen is no stranger to getting fans and media in frenzy with his comments, quips and stories. Earlier this week he came out and said that he is facing Josh Barnett at Metamoris only for the UFC heavyweight todeny it.

Now he is after saying on his ‘You’re Welcome’ podcast that the UFC are working on scheduling Fedor vs. Anderson Silva:

“You might have heard this rumour, but if you haven’t then I’ll start if for you. I can confirm that this is being tried to put together. This is happening at the UFC, but they’re trying to put a fight together Frank, 205 pounds, Fedor Emelianenko. You ready for this? Versus Anderson Silva.”

Alan’s Angle: You simply cannot put a 100% faith in what Sonnen says. Despite both fighters aging, and their aura of invincibility not their anymore, this would still be one of the biggest MMA fights in history. Fedor was long considered the greatest fighter of all time, as was Anderson Silva.

According to MMA journalist Karim Zidan, Fedor will announce details of his future very soon, like this week. Anderson Silva is currently serving a one-year ban for failing post-fight drug tests at UFC 183 in January for PEDs but that will be up in January, just 4 months away.

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