Can MMA return to business as usual?

Mixed Martial Arts,, is one of the major sports celebrated around the world and it’s attempts at returning has been largely played out at the UFC’s Apex facility and on Fight Island these past few weeks. The mixture of close combat, strength, and strategy, this activity surely brings a unique sense of thrill and excitement. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, events, and matches, including the popular Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC, are without crowds at the moment. As a part of the rules implemented by WHO, public and social gatherings are prohibited causing the said occasion’s cancellation.

Over a few months, the sport became silent and the industry has undergone a sudden hiatus. Fortunately, as the experts of medicine do their jobs and the obedience of the community according to the health protocols continues, the number of positive cases reduced; this results in a brighter aspect for the sports industry’s return. 

It’s no surprise that UFC has been the first organization to host a major sports event in the U.S.; one of the reasons for this is the demands of its ardent followers. Dana White, the brash president, has announced the sport’s continuing operations and it appears, at least for now, every weekend will be dominated by UFC action

They will continue without crowds for the meantime broadcasting live matches online and on television instead of allowing a huge number of supporters to attend the occasion. People can also continue betting on their favorite athletes through betting sites like pokergana, where they can win definite amounts. Once everything has finally returned to normal, the committee will then allow the public to visit land-based events. 

The planned tactics

Fight Island has proven to be a veritable success. Yas Island has proven to be the hidden gem for MMA fights featuring a heavy European roster and future fights will be held there too; the location will stage bouts only for the duration of the current circumstance. If possible, professional matches will start this late June which will involve international MMA fighters. 

The road to the UFC and Bellator’s emerging return is not easy. With the continuing battle for survival, the entertainment and sports industries have a lot to consider before fully opening their doors. Without the supporters in the stands, fighters must fight and the show must go on. On the brighter side, grass-roots MMA fans on different social media platforms and betting sites like pokergana, have supported and cheered on the industry’s determination to fight on. The sport’s nihilism onto the consequences, defiant independence, embracing the gritty, and the scorn for politesse have added to the burning excitement of the people.

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