Cage Warriors Unplugged 2: Scott Malone

An hour after it was officially unveiled to the press WHOA TV caught up with Cage Warriors Bantamweight contender Scott Malone. Malone has been announced as one of four men in a one night tournament for the bantamweight title. Malone looks to take the title at the second time of asking following defeat against now UFC signed Jack Shore. 

So it’s official, a one night tournament for the vacant Cage Warriors Bantamweight title, a superb idea don’t you think? 

Yeah, for me especially, having had so many fights cancelled in the past, the chance to  fight twice in one night with one training camp. 

Jack Cartright is your first opponent on the night. A dangerous grappler, hasn’t fought at your level yet but a very dangerous prospect? 

Yes, I was actually supposed to fight Jack a couple of years ago. A show called ICE FC, just before I signed for cage warriors. Unfortunately, he had to pull out but we get to fight now finally. He has good hands, good chokes, so I’m wary, definitely dangerous. 

D’Arce choke, keylock, rear naked choke and guillotine submission finishes in his last 4 fights and a 36 second KO in his first professional fight, not bad is it? 

Yeah, he trains at a good gym, some good fighters down there like Saul Rodgers. Good wrestling and good chokes, it’ll be interesting. 

Two fights in one night, how does that change things? 

To be honest, it’ll be the first time that anyone at our gym has done this so we don’t really know what to expect. I think the 2 rounds in the first fight is gonna suit me. I’m a lot more explosive than other fighters. I think it’ll be interesting to see how I feel after the first fight. How sore will I be? How will I preform in the next one? It all depends on how the first fight goes. 

You mention your explosive power, you’ve been working with a specialist in that field? 

Yeah, I’ve been working with Adam at Enhanced Sport Performance, he is very very good. 

Norman Parke has came on board with Adam too hasn’t he? 

Yeah, Norman is due to come over to Scotland at some stage next week I think and we’re looking to arrange some sparring sessions together. 

You mentioned earlier about bouts being cancelled in the past, will you get 2 pay checks for this all being well with the result? 

I’ll get paid for two fights in one camp which is much better. 70% of my paycheck got eaten up by the Safe MMA medical tests before the Shore fight. 

So with 2 fights left on your contract where will this leave you after? 

This will only count as one fight, so I’d still be contracted to Cage Warriors for at least one more fight after this, they’ve still got me by the balls! 

Have you thought of options beyond Cage Warriors. A lot of guys in Bellator are saying their purses have been freeing them up to devote more time into their game? 

The goal is the UFC before anything, it all depends on how this pans out really. There are other options out there though, One Championship, Bellator, KSW… 

Is pay and conditions something that fighters speak about? The idea of a Fighter’s Union seems logical despite the practicalities being difficult. 

Fighters do talk about conditions and pay, some don’t like to speak specifically about what they get paid. The pay on Cage Warriors comparatively is not very good at all, but Cage Warriors a great platform to get to UFC. That’s the leap you want to make to get that decent money. 

Can you tell us about your Omega MMA project? 

So it’s a new gym, we’re looking at sometime in September for an opening date depending on a few things. We want an open gym where everyone is welcome. Get away from those kinds of cliquey gyms. We want to have a gym where people come from all over Scotland as a middle ground to meet up. The gym is in Perth, so the location is ideal being fairly central. 

Cage Warriors Unplugged 2 will be held at BT Sport Studios in London on Friday, September 6. Cage Warriors streams live via UFC Fight Pass. 

Bantamweight Tournament bracket 

Scott Malone vs. Jack Cartright 

Marko Kovacevic vs. Josh Reed 

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