Boxing and betting strategies to help you profit from the sport

There is nothing denying the fact that boxing is great fun to watch and follow. It’s just amazing how two opponents face each other during the pre-match press conference, uttering all kinds of nice things to each other! Then one of them gets knocked out inside the boxing ring! Boxers are normally well-trained to guard their body from any damage, particularly their head, and are fit enough to land some very impactful punches.

Different boxers can be seen using different strategies for winning matches. Being aware of such strategies can be instrumental in helping you win boxing bets. Along with knowledge of the game, though, it’s also crucial that you choose the best betting portals, which offers both secure betting and some free bets to get you going. There are so many options out there, it helps to have a single website detailing the very best there is out there, a website to grab a free bet and maximize your winnings. A site like FreeBets, for example, gives you a constantly updated list of the most trustworthy and noteworthy sites out there with their latest sign-up offers, free spins and other lucrative offers.

Let’s take you through some of these important boxing and betting strategies.

Boxing strategies
When facing an opponent, a boxer might simply dance around the ring, taking multiple punches while guarding his/her head to ensure that the opponent doesn’t score any point. The primary aim is to wear the opponent out, before delivering any punches. For example, in the recent Anthony Joshua vs Joseph Parker fight, Anthony was seen constantly taking punches, but his greater stamina and fitness enabled him to go all the way and beat Parker on points in the end. Floyd Mayweather Jr is the master of this strategy!

Another important strategy used by the boxers is delivering maximum number of head shots all through the match, thus winning every single round. It requires a very keen eye, quick feet and lots of perfection, particularly with regard to blocking and missing shots.

Some heavyweight boxers use a slightly different approach to score wins. All they do is deliver multiple heavy blows in the head and the abdomen area. This weakens the opponent who can then be knocked out easily.

It’s not uncommon to see boxers mixing all such strategies to consistently win their fights.

Betting strategies
Who is the coach?

It’s not uncommon to see great coaches producing great boxers. If the boxer has been trained by a well-known coach, boasting of an excellent track record, you’d be safe to back that fighter, even if he has little experience.

Bet on the rounds

Betting on the rounds is another profitable strategy used by boxing punters. However, it’s important to first refer to the strategy employed by the boxer before betting on this market. If the boxer is Floyd Mayweather Jr kind who dances around the ring and waits for his opponent to get tired, you cannot expect him to win the initial few rounds. Hence, it would be better to bet on his opponent during the first 3 rounds at least. On the other hand, you’d be better off betting against the match going all the way if one of the boxers is a knockout expert. Here’s more on big knockout boxing.

Paying attention to the statistics

It’s very important to consider a boxer’s form while betting on any particular match. You must check his/her total number of fights and his/her win rate. This would give you a fair idea if he/she would win the match or not. For example, a boxer having an 11/1 record is highly likely to get the better of one with a 4/6 record. You should also look at his/her previous opponents to make a sound betting decision.

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