Bisping not convinced of Weidman, says he could take the belt from him

Rick J Lee recently caught up with Michael Bisping ahead of his fight with CB Dolloway this weekend.

After being asked his opinion on the Rockhold win over Machida fight last weekend things naturally lead to a potential Rockhold vs. Weidman title fight and the Brit doesn’t favour the champ.

“I would probably favour Luke in that fight.”

He also said saw his opportunity to weigh-in on Weidman and how he would do against him.

“Listen, I am not convinced on Weidman yet, I’m sorry, I am still not convinced. No offence, I know he getting a little smug up there. The longer he’s the champion the more it is starting to get to his head a little bit. I would take that belt off him in a heartbeat.”

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