Between a Rock and a hard place

Luke Rockhold eyeing a comeback just who are his possible opponents could be?

Former middleweight champion Luke Rockhold has his eye firmly fixed on a comeback. Since the debut light-heavyweight where he was knocked out by Jan Blachowicz, he has not fought. Many pundits believed that would have been his last appearance in the octagon after he admitted he was not contemplating fighting anytime soon. The 35-year-old athlete has hinted at getting back in the cage after he heals from a recent shoulder surgery. Close sources are indicating that with Rockhold’s comeback appearance, he is eyeing to make a return to 1851bs.

Anderson Silva

Rockhold has expressed much interested in fighting against Anderson Silva, the middleweight legend. Luke has previously said that if Anderson is interested in the fight, the fans should be ready for a thrilling experience. He has assured his health is improving and just taking a few times off to relax with outfits from athletic footwear & fitness clothing before getting ready to fight again. He must have a break from sporting activities.

Jimi Manuwa

Luke is on a comeback trail and who better to welcome him back to the cage than KO King Manuwa. The Posterboy could possibly cut down to 185lb it would be a stretch but as he has shown in the past he is able to do whatever it takes to be in the prime position to dominate in the cage. A comeback fight featuring both of these athletes will be a fan pleaser.

Jon Jones

Luke Rockhold is also eyeing a comeback 205-pound clash against Jon Jones as he looks to top the table as the first contender. According to a recent interview, he says the fight is an opportunity for him to work out things and perform to the best of his capacity.

He further said Jon is such a wise guy who has showed great defense against Santos. So definitely he is going to be very keen for the fight, making very minimal mistakes. Luke also noted that he has a good judgment of distance and will quickly get to takedown Jones.

Rockhold is confident that he is pretty much faster than both Jones and Cormier. He believes the technics he has are more than theirs, and they are more prone to make more mistakes making him confident enough of beating them on the spot. Rockhold left kick gives him an advantage over them that he says they can’t stop it. One thing that makes him confident that if the fight against Jan Blachowicz wins, they both will not get top of him.

So contrary to earlier speculations, Luke Rockhold isn’t retiring yet. As he recovers from the shoulder injury surgery, he assures his fans of a comeback against the most elite opponents. He is currently taking time off with outfits from Athletic footwear & fitness clothing.

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