Bec Rawlings eyeing a few wins then back to UFC to resolve beef with Calderwood

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships has recently acquired its first contractually signed female competitor for its June 2nd, Cheyenne, Wyoming debut Event. “Rowdy” Bec Rawlings has officially parted ways with the UFC, after four back-to-back losses in a row for said promotion. Now Bec Rawlings will become the first female fighter to compete under the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship banner.

“I was released by the UFC,” Bec would confirm to WHOA TV that the release was the UFC’s decision.

Bare Knuckle Boxing has a history dating back to the 1700’s in the history books. Bare Knuckle Boxing is a prominent aspect of the Traveller community. A popular way to settle disputes; a means to financially wager with fellow bare knuckle boxing opponents, to the victor goes the spoils. Bare Knuckle Boxing has also been a present fixture across the globe. With unsanctioned bare knuckle boxing bouts a regular occurance. Some for fighting pride and some for illegal gambling interests.

A push for the bare knuckle sport to be showcased in arenas, and to be sanctioned as a legitimate sporting contest has really been gaining momentum over the past 4-5 years. B-Bad Promotion based in the United Kingdom has been a spearheading a clean sporting image example to push for the regulation of bare knuckle boxing in that time. More recent pushes for bare knuckle boxing to go mainstream has come from former pro boxer, Bobby Gunn who is fastly becoming the face of and advocate for bare knuckle boxing. From the Irish side, James Quinn McDonagh has been shining the spotlight on bare knuckle boxing.

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships 1 will mark as the first time bare knuckle boxing has been sanctioned on U.S soil since 1889. A landmarked event that will go down in the BKB history books.

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships 1 will be an attraction that has all the offerings of fresh chaos for newer fans tuning in for the first time, or crossing over from another combat sport. A cross-over from the mixed martial arts side may well be high in numbers, with former UFC Champion, Rico Rodriguez; D.J Linderman; “The New York Bad Ass” Phil Baroni; Joe “Diesel” Riggs; Eric Prindle all fighting on the card. Now the acquisition of Rowdy Bec Rawlings.

A cross-over attempt that seems orchestrated by the promoters of BKFC (Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships). In the acqusition of “Rowdy” Bec, BKFC would pursue Rawlings signature by teasing her cross-over with fans beforehand. As a teaser of affection and admiration for Rawlings’ style and skillset to be on display on their side of the combat field even self-titling her ‘the Queen of BKB’. A tactic that would evidentally work upon Rawlings signing announcment. BKFC would also put forth an opening for Rawlings’ ‘bestie’, Angela Magana. Possibly not aware of Rawlings relationship with Magana, BKFC would suggest a potential showdown between Bec Rawlings and Angela Magana for the crown of ‘Queen of BKB’. A suggestion that Magana politely cooled to right away.

Bec Rawlings did release a statement in regards to herself signing on with Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships. In that statement, Rawlings would go on to assure her fans that she will still be competing in Mixed Martial Arts, in conjunction with Bare Knuckle Boxing.

Whilst many of Bec Rawlings fans get to witness and follow Bec on her new adventures in the combat sports world. There’s one particular grudge match that never fully came to fruition in the UFC, and one that may never come to fruition at all now. That is a bout with fellow former The Ultimate Fighter Season 20 contestant, Joanne Calderwood.

Rawlings and Calderwood would reveal an altercation had taken place before becoming cast members on Season 20 of The Ultimate Fighter. A bout the soft spoken Calderwood was not shy on wanting to take place on the show. The fight never did come close to materializing on the show, but it did twice after, but later got cancelled due to either Rawlings or Calderwood getting injured in the lead-up to the two scheduled bouts: Strawwight, 2015; Flyweight, 2017. A fight that Rawlings still hopes can materialize.

“After i rack up some wins and get back in (the UFC), that’ll be the first fight I push for,” Rawlings passionately told WHOA TV.

Racking up wins in bare knuckle boxing might not mean all too much to the UFC. A run of victories in Mixed Martial Arts might be what is required if Rawlings is to ever get re-signed to the UFC roster. A WMMA (Womens Mixed Martial Arts) Promotion that is working very closely with the UFC, is that of Invicta FC. A place where Rawlings made her name in MMA. A place where UFC bought Bec Rawlings contract from. A place where career resurges have been made. Both Tonya Evinger and Roxanne Modaferi managed to pick up some positive momentum to their careers during their Invicta FC tenure. With Evinger picking up the Invicta FC Bantamweight belt and destroying all credible challengers; leading to Evinger signing on with the UFC a deal that Evinger never envisioned ever really happening. Evinger would not only sign with the UFC, but would sign for her first UFC bout to be a UFC Featherweight title fight with WMMA Legend, Cris Cyborg. Pearl Gonzalez is the latest woman to be shining under the Invicta FC spotlight, going 2-0 since her UFC release, and capturing a ton of media attention in the process.

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