BAMMA 31 Review

Well, the first time in 3 and a half years, BAMMA returned to London and what a night it was. Stiff knockouts and new champions. Despite it originally meant to be 15 fights, it ended up been 10 but still a stellar night, here is the BAMMA 31 review.

(Catchweight) David Khalsa beats Charlie Howard by decision: This one started as a slugfest, it looked like Howard had the pro debut jitters and focused on Khalsa’s legs. Howard came out in the second much more controlling working Khalsa’a left leg. At the end of the round Khalsa got Howard to the ground and got a few shots to the back of the head. The third round both men had some good moments, cardio played a part, with Khalsa getting the better overall, a good start to the night.

(Featherweight) Liam Davies beats Tanvir Boora by ref stoppage: What an opening round, it didn’t take long to get to the ground, but once it did, it was a war with Davies looking dominant, then Boora got a leg lock on and took control for the rest of the round. The second round saw Boora getting the better of Davies at the beginning, but soon Davies took control and the ref stopped it at 3:56.

(Bantamweight)Javid Basharat beats Tony Hall by submission: A good first round from Basharat looking a lot like Michael Venom Page, Hall stunned slightly at the end of the first. Basharat who had be looking for a choke in the first, finally got it on in the second and won at 1:42 making him now 4 – 0 – 0.

(Welterweight) Tommy King beats James Reedman by TKO: What a dominant debut for Tommy King coming at James Reedman strong and the referee stopping it at 1:12 in the first round. By way of TKO.

(Featherweight) Nathan Rose beats Ollie Mathis by decision: In the first round, Mathis out wrestled Rose’s earlier stand-up offense. In the second, there was 2 low blows from Mathis with more wrestling but mostly stand up. During the round a fight nearly broke out in the crowd. The third round both were both looking for a finish, Rose wanting to appease Posterboy Jimi Manuwa in his corner, but will have to settle for a decision making him 5 – 1 – 0.

(Middleweight) Alex Montagnani beats Martin Hudson by TKO: Quite the brawl, with both getting their hits in, Montagnani took Hudson to the ground and finished him in the first round at 2:08. Hudson wasn’t happy the referee stopped but that’s the fight game.

Now the prelims are over we get to the main card, some good fights on the prelims and some hard acts to follow but let’s see what happens.

(World Featherweight Championship) Daniel Crawford beats Damien Lapilus(c) by KO: Pretty good first round, both were feeling each other out with some good striking from both. Crawford came out strong and got the better of Lapilus early in the second and finished him at 0:26. New Champion.

(Welterweight) Aaron Chalmers beats Alex Thompson by KO: Started off pretty slow, Chalmers quickly knock out Thompson with a solid left hand 0:32 seconds into the first round, thankfully Thompson was able to walk out of the cage but an impressive win by Chalmers.

(World Middleweight Championship) Mike Shipman beats Yannick Bahati(c) by KO: A fairly stiff feeling out process in the first round with Shipman getting the better of the exchange with 2 takedowns. The second was Bahati, with Shipman trying to score the takedown but the champion merely put up both middle fingers and controlled for 5 minutes. The third round, more feeling each other out, and then Shipman caught Bahati with a swinging back fist at 1:27. KO of the night, could be Tommy King, Aaron Chalmers or Shipman. Anyway, new champion.

(Main Event) (World Welterweight Championship) Nathan Jones vs Alex Lohore: It started off as a stiff back and forth between the 2, then Jones got the better of Lahore on the ground with 2 takedowns to which Lahore responded with a stiff knee at 4:13 of the first round. I’m saying it again, new champion.

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