Mixed Martial Arts is still in its infancy compared to other sports. It’s really only been around twenty-odd years, and even then it’s current evolution, the regulated ‘sport’ rather than ‘spectacle’ is even younger again. It’s only common sense that the sport will evolve, the fighters will get better, and the business will change. But this Australian tech company’s vision of where MMA could evolve to is well… different.


UMW — Unified Weapons Master — are set to run high level martial arts competitions but with a twist. The competitors will be clad high tech armor, which is not only designed for defense but for offense too, and to top it off the use of weapons will be thrown into the equation.

UWM CEO David Pysden said, “UWM’s vision is to create a large-scale sport and entertainment experience where martial artists can compete against each other with real weapons, with an objective measure of who would have won in a real combat situation.”

What’s next? Robotic cops with the conscience of a human named Alex Murphy? Wait, haven’t I heard that before? Whatever, that isn’t the point, the point is, check out this video:

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