Almighty Fighting Championship set for York debut

After successfully making Leeds their home for the past two years, Yorkshire based promotion, Almighty Fighting Championship, moves on to pastures new in the shape of The Barbican in York. In what is a bigger venue, the prestigious Barbican will host AFC8 this coming Saturday. With no less than 25 fights of the card, AFC8 is sure to be an absolute barn-burner as the promotion has an excellent reputation for pitting a wealth of talent together in both the amateur and professional field.


57kg Bryan Creighton (6-6) Hamma v Jamie Powell (7-2) Avaddon MMA/ BST

70kg Kieran Lister (1-0) Dungeon BJJ v Robert Nystrom (1-1) Halmstad MMA

57kg Liam Gittins (debut) Team Elite v Iain Postlethwaite (2-2) Ayrshire Fight Academy

70kg Beau Gavin (debut) Hamma v David Jacobsson (2-1) Halmstad MMA

Amateur Title

84kg George Smith (9-1) SBG Manchester v Chris Hill (4-0) ASW Hemsworth

Amateur 5 Round Superfight

84kg Igor Puskarskis (11-2) Team Elite /Hamma v George McManus (11-3) 1st Legion/Gracie Barra Leicester

Amateur Title

66kg Elliot Powell (4-2) SBG Manchester v Jabeed Rahman( 7-0) Team Fulinkazan


70kg Simeon Otley (5-1) Game Fight v Chris Carr (3-0) ASW Hemsworth

70kg Nic Piorgan (6-2) Gorilla Fight Team/Powers Martial Arts Centre v Ryan Grayson (3-1) Middlesbrough Fight Academy


2nd Prelims

84kg Kaylen Johnson (4-2) Dungeon BJJ v Sebastian Sroka (4-1) Family and Friends

70kg Bradley Nelson (6-1) CCA v Tom Mullen (3-0) Team Fulinkazan

77kg Danny Sharpe (2-0) Game Fight v Robbie Brotherson (debut) Birmingham Independent

84kg Simon Boult (3-1) SBG Manchester v Marcin Bendarz (2-2) Family and Friends

63kg Adam Butterworth (4-4) Charles Martin Martial Arts v Myles Richards (3-2-1) Birmingham Independent

70kg Tyler Jones (2-2) Hamma v Adam Smith (2-0) Fight Ministry Hull

66kg Oliver Harris (2-0) Charles Martin Martial Arts v Jack Parker (5-3) Viper MMA

61kg Craig Skelton (6-5) Kai Lao Gym v Kamil Rutkowski (1-0) Family and Friends


1st Prelims

61kg Alan Baron (1-0) Gracie Barra Derby v Will Harrison (2-2) The Lab Darlington

70kg Blake French (1-1) NeoShoot Academy v Elliott Owen (debut) Modern Day Martial Arts

70kg Jarrad Annable (debut) Gracie Barra Derby v Glen Jardine (1-0) SBG Bishop Auckland

70kg Sam Mullarkey (debut) Gorilla Fight Team v Mikey Feetenby (debut) Legions Gym

77kg Darren Fraczek (0-1) Gracie Barra Derby v Jack Taylor (debut) Modern day Martial Arts

93kg Tom Field (1-0) SBG Manchester v Tori Parchment (debut) Birmingham Independent

77kg Michal Lejczak (debut) Family and Friends v Gav Baker (2-1) Viper MMA

61kg Sam Gittins (1-1) Team Elite v Abu Bakr (1-0-1) Team Fulinkazan

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