Aaron Chalmers: ‘Fabian Edwards can be a champion in any organisation he’s in’

After an unwarm welcome by UK MMA fans for this jovial ladies man there’s been no denying Aaron’s technical abilities, nor his fighting instinct in the cage. Aaron has displayed these in abundance as a Pro Mixed Martial Artist. No longer labelled a cross-over reality star discussed among fans as ‘I can kick his ass’, Aaron silenced all doubters within his three-fight BAMMA stint ranging from May, 2017 – December, 2017. If there’s any doubters left using the negative records of Aaron’s three professional opponents, then they weren’t appreciating what was on display in the BAMMA cage.

Aaron was non concerned with the negative MMA fans, or fellow peers. Aaron would show respect to peers, and continue to impress who he needed to impress, that was BAMMA and BellatorMMA. Impress BellatorMMA he has!

Aaron’s last MMA bout in December was a co-promoted BAMMA / BellatorMMA Event, with Aaron featured on the televised portion of the card. Aaron would be tested and blend his fighting intellectual qualities with his sharp frame and put to bed a very hungry and tenacious opponent in Karl Donaldson.

There’s been a long standing belief and slogan in MMA, and that is: ‘iron sharperns iron’. Aaron would have a metaphorical samurai sword to work with in the gym, in the cultivated form of fast rising UK Middleweight, Fabian Edwards; brother of UFC Welterweight, Leon “Rocky” Edwards. Fabian has a combined Amateur and Pro Mixed Martial Arts Record of 9-0-0. A special, rare breed type of athlete that you resonate with and understand as a special quality upon viewing. Fabian will look to take his Professional MMA Record to 5-0-0 as he takes on SBG Ireland’s, Claudio Conte on the main portion of the BAMMA 35 Card.

“[He can be] World champion in any organisation he is in! Everything with Fabian is in due course. He’s the number 1 fighter in the company so he’s technically the champion anyway. BAMMA have done great work building Fabian and it’s going to be great to see that continue on Saturday [BAMMA 35],” Chalmers professionally and proudly responded to WHOA TV.

Chalmers believes his teammate should be in a BAMMA Title Fight this weekend, but clearly has the upmost respect and trust in guidance BAMMA has for his teammate’s career.

Aaron has his own fight on the horizon. A main card bout on a landmark Bellator 200 Event held in London at the SSE Arena! Fast work from a shrewd businessman, in Chalmers. Whilst Aaron surely has everything going to plan, he has fallen short on one request. And that request is a date with ‘Baby-Slice’! A ‘date-night’ Aaron hopes to lay his acquaintance out flat on. Is it those lucious locks of Baby Slice, that lures Chalmers? Or maybe it’s that sexy grill smile?

“He’s got a big reputation in Bellator. I had a big reputation in BAMMA. He’s got a good record also, and it would be a good fight. Plus it would be a great pay day,” Chalmers would respond when asked as to why he called for a fight with Baby Slice post BAMMA 33 victory.

A date night with Baby Slice is not off of the menu at present, Aaron’s just got to order from the starter menu first. Aaron has elected to go with the Ash Griffiths Kebab first. Ashley Griffiths brings a K-1 mentality, but not a refined K-1 level of striking ability. His stand-up approach will vary throughout the fight. Typically he will pick his shots wisely and carefully to begin the fight with. Closing distance, loosening up. Once comfortable and in the mid range / in the pocket Ash will likely unload both hands with tight technique and ill intent. Focus will switch to counter striking once shots unloaded; like a power bar on a computer game re-charging back up. Then, with the power-bar mid way, time for a brawl before creating the distance long. Once over half way through the first round, a crowd may begin to witness spinning attacks. These patters don’t always go in this order; each fighter is different. Ashley Griffiths does carry a pattern in his striking style it’s the way he’s been taught, as most. Aaron doesn’t show a pattern, he’s fluent and is like water. Aaron would hold his cards close to his chest upon being quizzed about the strategic breakdown of the fight.

“It’s going to be a great fight if he wants to stand and bang let’s do it.”

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