5 Advantages Conor McGregor Has Stepping In To Fight Mayweather

So on Wednesday this week, it was announced that Floyd Mayweather Jr will face Conor McGregor on the 26th of August later this year in Las Vegas. In what is being billed as ‘The Money Fight’, Mayweather and McGregor will slug it out in a sanctioned boxing match. Being that this is Mayweather’s world, he is already being hailed as the heavy favourite, however I thought it would be interesting to explore some advantages that McGregor may have over the unbeaten champ.

1. REACH: I know most of you reading this are thinking McGregor will never hit him, however he has a reach advantage of 2 inches over Mayweather. Plus, he ran rough-shod through the featherweight division in the UFC, and a lot of that was due to his size over other opponents which leads us to…

2. SIZE: There isn’t much when it comes to size between the two. McGregor is an inch taller and slightly bigger when it comes to broader shoulders. Not that this means he’s going to win, but it’s good to have a size advantage and McGregor carries his size very well.

3. AGE: May as well put it out there, Mayweather turned 40 in February of this year. Although it may be that he is like a fine bottle of wine and gets better with age. However, McGregor is currently 28 and will be 29 when they go face to face. Combat has always been a young man’s game, however there are rare exceptions to the rule; Marciano, Foreman and Mayweather is in that category, but age could play a factor on the night.

4. SOUTHPAW: Mayweather is an orthodox fighter and has always struggled with Southpaw fighters, right now in Combat, McGregor is one of the best Southpaw fighters and has one of the strongest left hands in MMA that many have fallen to. If McGregor catches him with a left hook, despite the fact boxing gloves have more padding as opposed to MMA gloves, it could faze Mayweather, maybe even knock him out.

5. KO: I know most of you were expecting McGregor’s left hand to be on this list, but I mentioned it in the last paragraph. Instead, Mayweather hasn’t knocked out anyone in 6 years; knocking out Victor Ortiz in September 2011, since then and with a lot of his opponents the last 10 years he has gone the distance. McGregor is someone who looks for a finish and is a different kind of fighter altogether.

That’s our list, let us know your thoughts below, on Twitter and Facebook. Coming soon…Mayweather’s advantages.

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