Scott Malone eyes a big win over Amarasinghe this Saturday

Dundee Bantamweight MMA fighter Scott ‘Boom Boom’ Malone travels to Birmingham this week to prepare for his second Cage Warriors fight in the Genting Arena Saturday 20th October. Scott won his first outing in emphatic fashion, controlling his opponent Jason Jenkins for three rounds. He has his sights set on Cage Warriors gold, he took time out from his hectic schedule to talk to WHOA TV. The card also features fellow Scotsman Ross Houston fighting for the Cage Warriors Welterweight title.

BT: In your post fight interview from CW 91 after your unanimous decision debut victory over Jason Jenkins you spoke about the game plan that allowed you to come out victorious. Is that how you approach every fight? 
SM: “Yeah, I like to approach every fight with some sort of game plan at least until I can feel the guy out. I usually look at my opponents fights on YouTube and look for weak links in their game and see where I can implement my own style in to that.”
BT: At the start of the second round of your Cage Warriors debut Jenkins threw a spinning back fist that enabled you to utilise your Judo background and put him on the ground, is this where you want to keep Amarsinghe with all 3 of his wins so far coming via first round KO/TKO?
SM: “No, not necessarily, I have faith in my all round game of MMA and I’m confident whereever the fight goes. Obviously I’d love to get the fight to mat as that’s where I’m more comfortable to be honest but I am happy for it to pan out however it does. I have done all the training and hard work on all of my game and feel confident whereever the fight goes.”
BT: You overcame adversity traveling all the way to Wales by car from Dundee in torrential Snow, what has been the most difficult obstacle in your career up to this point?
SM:”I would have to say the dealing with the amount of pull outs I have had I genuinely think that I have the record for Europe if not at least the U.K.  It’s got to the stage where I’m used to it!”

BT: “Your last opponent Corey Tait had to withdraw due to injury ahead of CW 95, how much impact does that have on a fighter mentally and financially?”
SM: “To be honest the hardest thing I have to deal with each time is the diet, I always have this little voice in the back of my head saying “what’s the point he will pull out anyway.” Financially it is tough, I work to feed my family and getting to training camps such as Team Alpha Male cost a lot of money I like to travel alot for my training so I have different body types and styles.”

BT: A win against Amarsinghe would catapult you into Bantamweight title contention, what do you believe sets you apart from the other bantamweights currently signed to Cage warriors?
SM: “Every bantamweight on the Cage Warriors roster are great fighters without a doubt. I believe what sets me apart is my work ethic, I believe I work harder than the rest and my will to win is more than ever.” 
BT: You’ve been on social media getting rounds inside various gyms around Scotland recently, how important is it to expose yourself to different styles? Who have you enjoyed working with most at Alpha Male and in Scotland?
SM: “I think it’s very important to get the different body types and different styles, no two guys are the same but people can replicate styles as best they can. In Scotland it’s been great to get some rounds in with Aiden Stephen. I think he has a similar style to Adam but Aiden has better grappling. At Team Alpha Male it was great rounds from everyone, not a bad person in the room. There are five bantamweights that are in the UFC alone and I also had the pleasure of living with and training alongside Nad Narmani. He’s one of the hardest working people I know, he just never stops.”

BT: How demanding is it to be a father, a husband, a business owner and a professional fighter at the same time?

SM: “Very difficult! I work a full time job plus I coach at nights and along side that I co-own ‘The Dapper Gent’ with Martin. ‘The Dapper Gent’ is a lifestyle brand we created that ranges in grooming products to clothing, scarfs and cuff links… It is very hard for my wife Jo and my kids because they hardly see me, I’m in the door showered then out the door again for training, usually just coming back when they are just going to or are in bed.” 
BT: What do you do outside of work and training to help you relax?
SM: “I don’t, I have 3 kids haha! Nah, I like to do things with the family whether it be out for walks through the woods or hills or even just going fun places that the kids enjoy.”
BT: What first inspired to take up martial arts?

SM: “My cousin James and a few friends mentioned this thing called judo and invited me along. At first I didn’t really like it and actually quit because I kept getting thrown on my head by bigger dudes. But James persuaded me to go back, and soon after that I started competing (against guys my size) to figure out I was actually not too bad at it. I loved winning medals and trophies which inspired me to just keep on training as hard as I could.”
BT: Who is your favourite MMA fighter past or present and why?

SM: “Demetrious Johnson is my favourite fighter of all time I love that he is excellent in every aspect of mma and I love how humble he is.”
BT: Do you prefer watching fighters around your own weight category? Who wins Cejudo vs. Might Mouse 3 and how?

SM: “Not necessarily, I love watching all mma and different styles. Some heavy weights are hard to watch because of the output but it just takes that one punch to put the lights out. I think Demetrious Johnson would win the rematch, I think he might have a little more hunger in him now coming off the loss I would probably say by a close decision but an action packed fight.”

You can catch Cage Warriors 98 featuring Scott Malone vs Adam Amarasinghe this Saturday either live from the Arena or from (6.45pm UK time) LIVE and FREE worldwide on the Cage Warriors Facebook page.

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