The talks of recent co-promotions between WSOF, Bellator, Legacy etc have caused many MMA folk to debate to one another over a number of different topics such as; “who has better fighters?”, “who would win?”, “which one is doing better?” etc.

Well a couple of days ago on AXS TV two legends and iconic figures from two promotions bought by the UFC debated amongst each other over which promotion had the greatest impact on the sport of MMA.

There are some really good points made by Frank Shamrock (Strikeforce) and Urijah Faber (WEC) as both believe their respective organisation wins over the other.

Alan’s Angle: Strikeforce always had the bigger names and was always more accessible due to how big they were trying make it. I loved the fights Strikeforce put on and the fact that they gave fighters another place to make a living outside of the UFC. The world misses promotions like Strikeforce, the more bigger promotions out there the better for the sport, but to me WEC has had to longer impact on the world of MMA. They helped bring in those smaller weight classes to mainstream and before that the organisation had a long list of being a stomping ground for future UFC fighters and world greats. It’s a close call but WEC takes it slightly for me.

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