UFC Light Heavyweight James Te Huna Retires

UFC Light Heavyweight James Te Huna has announced his intention to retire from MMA in a statement via his his official facebook page:

“Hey guys ..yes I’m alive haha, it’s been a couple months since my last post and I apologise for my absence. I have discovered something that is tough to swallow (but made a lot of sense) since the last fight but this recent decision is a positive step towards a healthy future, I hope you can all understand. I gave it everything I had guys, and those closest to me know how much of my life I gave to competition-I didn’t have the gift when I started..just put in the work to chase a childhood dream. This career has expanded to 20 years and I have/am very grateful for all the help and support that I have received along this amazing journey. I got to learn and gain respect, discipline from martial arts, my culture and my family. Living a healthy lifestyle (minus the hospitals lol). Experiencing the positives and negatives of a sport-I have been through it all and I’ll be using this knowledge in my next venture. I received a lot of help and I always done my best to give back whenever I could. I would like to encourage the youth to get involved and I will continue to promote. There have been a lot of proud moments-having the opportunity to represent my culture to the world, but most of all being told from the person who I looked up to, my nephew my namesake. Again, thank you guys for all the support and a big thank you to my family.

Kia ora

Te Huna is a veteran of 25 MMA fights stretching back to 2003. He entered the UFC in 2010 and made a good impression winning five of his first six bouts, his sole loss coming to Alexander Gustafsson.

However, since then he has suffered four consecutive defeats, a run that was not improved by briefly dropping to middleweight. Injuries have also mean he has only competed once in the last three years.

The 34 year old retires with a record of 13-10, and is the former CFC Light Heavyweight Grand Prix Champion.

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