UFC and PRIDE Legend Dan Henderson Ready to Retire

Former Olympic Wrestling Silver Medalist, two time PRIDE Champion, former Strikeforce Light-heavyweight Champion and UFC legend Dan Henderson has admitted that, at the age of 45, he is almost ready to call time on his MMA career.

Few men if any have had the impact Dan ‘Hendo’ Henderson has had on the development of a new sport. One of the first elite Olympic level athletes to enter MMA, he quickly built upon his wrestling base with jiu jitsu and, in particular, kickboxing skills, to make himself among the most feared names in freestyle martial arts.

In Japan and then back in America, Henderson faced the very best MMA has ever had to offer, defeating many of them, claiming title upon title along the way. It is a testament to the standards he set and the opposition he conquered that he will never be considered an underachiever for never having worn a UFC Championship belt.

The former Olympian has been written off many times in his career, but, at the age of 45, and having won only two of his last eight outings, it may soon be time to call it a day. Speaking to MMA Junkie radio about his forthcoming UFC 199 bout with Hector Lombard, ‘Hendo’ said:

“I’m definitely capable of keeping on and still competing at a high level, but I’m almost ready to retire, and depending on how things play out after this fight with negotiations, yeah, it could be my last.”

“Or maybe I’ll still fight. I don’t know yet. I’m at that point where I’m about ready, but definitely, I know in my heart I’m still capable of doing it and if I do decide to keep going on I’ll make sure I do it well.”

Henderson’s fight with the Cuban will be the 46th fight of an MMA career which began in 1997.

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